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Maddie Ziegler Mane Muse Justine Marjan Hair Mane Addicts

Just like our Mane Muse Maddie Ziegler.

Tracey Cunningham First Assistant

Here’s a hint: it starts at 6am and ends in another country.

Find out.

Maddie Ziegler Mane Addicts Mike Rosenthal

Step aside Brigitte Bardot, there’s a new babe in town.

Andrew Fitzsimons Trans Cosmetic Donation Program

Celeb hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons is slaying manes and helping out trans women, one beauty product at a time.

Cezanne Keratin Treatment Glenn Ellis Types of Keratin Treatments

Yes, there’s more than one type of keratin treatment. Glenn Ellis breaks down his three favorites and what hair types they work best on.

Geri Hirsch Hair Wellness Tips Hair Health

Listen up, lifestyle blogger Geri Hirsch is sharing all her tips.

Salon City Guide The Compound Salon Culver City Arts District

The Compound Salon in Culver City might just be calling your name.

Your Period Affects Your Hair

This might shock you.

allen thomas wood floral hairstyle bumble and bumble

So good, this Bumble and bumble stylist swears by it.

Hair Processing

Plus, how to deal with crappy water and dry climates.

layering hair products brunette model with healthy hair

Prolong your pretty style’s shelf life.

4D Hair Color L'ANZA balayaye hair color trend

Why stop at three dimensions when you can have 4D hair color.

blonde model with pink hair rollers in her hair

They’re so good, you might just kiss your curling iron goodbye.

Jen Atkin Back to High School Hilarious Photos

Hilarious #TBT photos included.

Cher hair 60s hair icons hair muses

Proof that the 60s might just be the most stylish era to date.

Celeb stylist Justine Marjan gives us a step-by-step guide.

Girl after shower with towel microfiber towels

Like seriously, throw it out tonight.

Sal Salcedo Instagram Hair Tips

Read this ASAP: stylist Sal Salcedo is sharing his secrets.

Nina Aghadjanian Defined Curls Air Dried Curls

Seriously, I’m already on my third bottle.