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10 Cyber Monday Steals We’ve Got Our Eyes On

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Cyber weekend is just around the corner. 

While traditional Black Friday shopping might be off the table thanks to COVID-19, there are plenty of cyber steals to get your hands on post-Thanksgiving. That blowdryer you’ve had your eyes on? Snag it on sale. A mega moisturizing mask to add to your haircare collection? Catch it on clearance, this weekend only. No long lines, no early rising- just deals on deals this Cyber Weekend. 

Shop these 10 pre-holiday markdowns before they’re gone for good!

1. Freck Lil Prick Cactus Oil: $40

This multipurpose is a total strand saver. From your eyebrows to your dry ends, this hydrating blend is a winter beauty essential. Snag this steal at 25% off from November 27th-30th.

Via Freck


1. ESPA Shampoo and Conditioner Duo: $29 each

Save up to 40% off of Britain’s best kept beauty secret this cyber weekend. With coconut, jojoba, and olive oil, this purifying duo improves strand strength and removes build up.



3. Christophe Robin Color Shield Mask: $43

Beginning November 24th, this fan favorite haircare brand will be dropping discounts and surprise sales every single day. Get up to 40% off on must-have products like this macadamia oil mask.

Via Christophe Robin

4. Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Collection: $122

Switch over to silk this holiday season. Go all in on a strand-saving sleep set with 15% off $100, 20% off of $200 and 25% off of $300 during this pre-holiday blowout sale.

Via Slip

5. Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dry Brush: $120

Got your eye on a hot new styling selection? You won’t want to miss Drybar’s 20% off cyber weekend sale. Gift yourself that top of the line blow-dry brush you’ve been dreaming of at a fraction of the retail price.

Via Drybar

6. L’Occitane Aromachologie Body Strength Scalp Essence: $34

Full sized products are a full 20% off for a limited time at our favorite skincare stop. From gel cream masks to breakage-fighting serums, this classic brand has something for everyone.

Via L’Occitane

7. Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Superfoods Hair Pack: $48

You’re in luck…Briogeo is on sale this Black Friday. Use code HOLIDAY to take 20% off of cult favorite products like this dynamic coconut and banana duo. This offer runs from November 23rd-30th, so get in on the gifting ASAP.

Via Briogeo

8. Kayali White Flower Hair Mist: $40

Fragrance fans rejoice: Kayali is 40% off this cyber weekend, from November 24th-28th. Lightweight and alcohol-free, a single spritz of this floral scent instantly lifts the spirits. The perfect opportunity to try a hair mist for the holidays.

Via Huda Beauty

9. Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Oil: $24

A big win for curly-haired girls: Bread Beauty Supply is taking 15% off sitewide this upcoming weekend. Save a couple bucks on the budding brand’s iconic silicone-free oil blend during this pre-holiday promotion. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.

Via Bread Beauty Supply

10. Pattern Leave-In Conditioner: $42

Tracee Ellis Ross’s sell out beauty sensation is giving the gift of 25% off this holiday season. In addition to this weekend-long deal, the brand is also taking 50% off of select products each day, from November 26th-30th (like this luxe leave-in conditioner, which is half off on November 27th).

Via Pattern


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