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10 Indie Clean Beauty Brands You Need to Know

The future of beauty is clean and green– and we’re going all in on these planet-saving products.

Environmental initiatives are sweeping the haircare space, with new eco-conscious brands popping up everyday. From the packaging to the product itself, more and more brands are making an effort to go green. Organic ingredients, preservative-free formulas and all-natural scents sans substitutes: there are more options than ever in the clean beauty space. Looking to make the switch from traditional haircare to a green-conscious routine? Look no further. We rounded up some under-the-radar brands to buy ASAP.

These indie clean beauty brands are saving the climate and your strands. Read on for the 10 indie clean haircare lines you need to know!

1. Reverie

Transparency is at the center of indie beauty brand Reverie. The Reverie team believes the creative process is all in the supply chain, choosing to partner with family run farms around the world that produce organic, Fair Trade and EcoCert ingredients of the highest possible quality. With 100% recyclable packaging and unique botanical scent formulations, Reverie is revolutionizing the clean beauty space.

Via Reverie


If you haven’t heard of ESPA yet, take note. This natural beauty brand is guided by a holistic philosophy of whole body wellness. With high quality skin and hair products, it’s clear this commitment is a serious one. Every ESPA product now carries the COSMOS Natural certification – an independent and globally recognized standard within the cosmetics industry, reinforcing the high standards of ESPA’s ingredients. This year, ESPA doubled down on their commitment to going green, taking significant steps to transition to sustainable packaging and relying on renewable energy sources to power their factories.

Via Espa

3. Rahua

Clean beauty brand Rahua derives its name from the rare ungurahua nut, found in the Amazon rainforest. Rahua oil is an ultra-moisturizing compound, ideal for transforming dry, damaged hair into silky smooth strands. With natural ingredients, Rahua’s products will give your tresses a full 360 turnaround, adding noticeable shine and extreme nourishment.

Via Sephora

4. Innersense Organic Beauty

Nature is at the very core of Innersense Organic Beauty. Crafted from certified organic plant ingredients, Innersense creates clean haircare products for tresses of every texture. These luxurious formulations deliver the kind of healing power and protection only Mother Nature can provide.

Via Innersense

5. Sangre De Fruta

Bowen Island-based Allison Audrey Weldon is the genius behind Sangre de Fruta. With formulas containing oils, plant butters, and botanicals, these products feature exquisite scents and ultra-luxe textures. With roots in the garden and the natural world, Weldon’s body and haircare products are truly one of a kind.

Via Goop

6. Bread Beauty Supply

This Black-owned beauty brand is taking curly haircare back to the basics with a natural line of products geared towards embracing textured tresses. These vegan, cruelty-free products make effortless styling an option for women of color everywhere.

Via Bread Beauty Supply

7. Captain Blankenship

Developed by Jana Blankenship in the Hudson Valley of New York, these unique products are made from cold pressed organic plant oils, flowers, seaweed, sea salt and organic essential oils. Completely free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates and fragrance, Captain Blankenship is committed to ultra-clean haircare. The brand even uses recyclable packaging and reusable glass!

Via Credo

8. Together Beauty

Created by celebrated hair stylist Sam Brocato, Together Beauty is a must-know brand. Using his extensive background in aromatherapy, Brocato developed clean, toxin-free formulas for every one of your hair’s needs. Inspired by the concept of “togetherness”, these green products are easily mixed, enhancing their performance to the highest degree.

Via Sephora

9. adwoa beauty

Modern brand adwoa is bringing clean, gender-neutral beauty to the hairspace with an array of naturally-sourced products catering to multicultural hair textures. With a highly effective collection of products, adwoa is committed to transparency and quality. The brand works with nature and science to bring serious results to their consumers.

Via adwoa


10. Dae

This Arizona-based clean beauty line can’t be beat. Dae draws inspiration from all walks of life, with products that reflect the things that make home feel special. With nourishing ingredients derived from desert botanicals, these uncomplicated products are simple, effective additions to your everyday routine.

Via Sephora

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