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10 Looks That Prove Pigtails Aren’t Just for Kids

Remember pigtails? That two-pony trend you used to rock back in the day? Well get ready, because this grade school staple is coming back in a major way.

But we’re not talking about your everyday, average pigtail. These breathtaking takes on our favorite dual pony trend are mindblowingly chic, the cutest #tbt alternative to a boring braid or a overdone updo. From ultra-voluminous curls to super sleek twists, celebs and stylists alike are proving that pigtails aren’t just for kids.

Revisit a classic elementary ‘do with these 10 revamped and revitalized on the pigtail trend below!

1. The Bubble Ponies

The only thing better than one bubble pony is TWO bubble ponies. These puffed up pigtails are a sculptural masterpiece, subtle but still totally chic. With just a couple of pins and ties, this braid-free style is a laidback alternative to your everyday updo.

2. Slick Classic

This grade-school style is all grown up. Perfectly placed high on the back of the head, these cute, curled ponies are a definite dream come true. Complete the look with some super snatched edges and you’re ready to go.

3. Boho Braided

Braided pigtails are pretty much always on trend, but this sunny set of fishtails is hands down the hottest summer ‘do. Use hair ties to create the bubbled-braids you see below, or opt for a classic straight-through fishtail. Either way you’ve got yourself the ideal beach-day braids.

4. Low Braids

The fashion world is sleeping on low braids. With a classic center part and just a few face-framing flyaways, this simple style is extremely versatile. Pair with yoga pants and cropped tee for the ideal out-for-errands ensemble or switch it up and opt for a light sundress for an adorable day date aesthetic.

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5. Spiked Pigtails

Studded strands? Sign us up. We’re drooling over this expertly-accessorized rendition of double dutch braids. Who knew pigtailed plaits could be so punk rock?

6. Ultra Curly

This lovely look is all about the body. Model Joyjah Estrada is showing off her gorgeous auburn curls with these gorgeous, puffed-up pigtails. This is next-level volume.

7. Bun-tails

Buns can get in not he fun as well! These half-bunned ponies make for a chic set of pigtails. With two tiny black bows to top it all off, this demure aesthetic is giving us Parisian energy.

8. Half-Up Ponies

Replace your boring half-bun with a playful set of pigtails a la Kylie Jenner. Parted in the center, sleek on the sides, these double pigtailed tresses are about to start trending.

9. Twisty ‘Tails

Sick of braids? Try twists on for size instead. Singer/songwriter/all-around artist FKA Twigs is giving us an ultra-high fashion version of this old school staple. This sleek, curvy masterpiece is a modern-day must.

10. Western Tresses

So few styles pair well with a hat. Thank God we have Gigi Hadid around to show us how it’s done. These effortless low pigtails completely compliment the model’s natural waves.

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