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10 Most Iconic Spice Girls’ Hair Moments

We are so ready to Spice Up Our Lives, all over again. Like, Adele levels of ready. As the Spice Girls take over 2019 and go on tour like it’s Spice World ’98, we would be doing the world a disservice not to take this time and reflect on the best Spice Girls hair moments of all time. In no particular order – from Baby to Scary, Ginger, Posh and Sporty – here are our favorite spicy styles.

Mel C’s Microbangs

Sporty Spice was not afraid to add an edge to her fringe, and because of this her hair-dare, her super textured cut is just as relevant 20 years later.


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Natural Texture

For every girl, there is a Spice Girl. The five member group spoke to every personality type, no matter what you were into. Here the girls serve rainbow levels of color and textures, while being their natural selves.

Sleek and Straight

The Spice Girls were pictured fresh faced and flat ironed with the release of their last single “Goodbye.” Though we were sad to see them go, we were all for Victoria’s show-stealing pixie.


Crimps and color = a killer combo.

A Posh Lob

Before there was glass hair, there was Posh’s lob. This super classic style proves the timeless power of a great cut and precision-level styling.

Scary Spice Buns

Long before there were space buns, there were Scary Spice’s iconic buns.


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Baby’s Pigtails

To replicate Emma Bunton’s iconic pigtail meets bangs look, position your ponytails at the top of the crown and then go a little higher—there’s nothing casual about this fun style.


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Chunky Highlights

Ginger was literally named for her hair. We like the color best when it’s peak tangerine and accented by bang-framing, banana-yellow (chunky!) highlights.

Chocolate Layers

Dark locks bring out Posh, Scary and Sporty’s complexions, while long layers keep hair on the move.

Curl Power

Mel B’s curls were basically the 6th member of the group for obvious reasons. If you’re looking to heighten your volume and increase your natural texture, opt for an asymmetrical cut à la Scary Spice.


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Is it just us or did A.Wang take a page from Baby Spice for his new collection? You be the judge, HERE.

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