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Just 10 Photos of Curly Bangs We Can’t Stop Thinking About

It seems like fringe is kind of always in. And this season the fringe we’re dreaming of has a bit of a twist. Or, rather, a curl.

Curly fringe is on our minds. From coiled curtain layers to wavy baby bangs, textured face-framing is taking center stage at the moment. Zendaya, Tessa Thompson, and countless other tastemakers have rocked this timeless trend. Let’s face it: every curly cut pairs well with a fringe. Mermaid locks, pixies, mullet crops– curly bangs are taking 2021s hottest cuts to the next level.

So, in the spirit of new year trendsetting, enjoy these 10 photos of curly bangs we’re currently obsessing over.

1. Classic Curly Bangs

We speak for everyone when we say Zendaya is an absolute goddess. So it’s no surprise that she’s mastered the quintessential curly bang aesthetic. These eyebrow-skimming coils are a gorgeous addition to her voluminous mid length cut.


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A post shared by JBH Europe (@jbheurope)

2. Heavy Waves

Wavy fringe can be just as chic. Ultra short in the center and feathered out to perfection, these ultra-wavy bangs are a total vibe.


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A post shared by TIFFANY HUNTER ⛓ (@tifin)

3. Super Curls

Big, gorgeous curls make the best bangs. This heavy fringe aesthetic gives a whole new meaning to the word “mane.”


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A post shared by The Curl Hype (@thecurlhype)

4. Sideswept Fringe

Undone curls make the best side bangs. Just a few sideswept coils give this long, tousled look just a touch of romance.

5. Curtain Coils

After a year of short, blunt bangs, curtain fringe is emerging as 2021’s go-to hairdo. Hairstylist Irinel de León is executing this trend flawlessly with her perfectly parted face-framing coils.

6. Long Bangs

Move over micro-fringe, cheekbone-grazing bangs are all the rage this winter. Just a few eye-level curls, takes a curly cut to the next level. The ultimate laidback look.



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A post shared by Miami | Blonde | Curls (@beeblondor)

7. Shaggy Bangs

The shag was 2020s breakout haircut, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The key to mastering this exquisite trend? Texture. Curls and waves really take this fringe-heavy aesthetic all the way back to the seventies.


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A post shared by Evan Joseph (@evanjosephcurls)

8. Curly Mullet

The shag cut’s even more badass cousin. Thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Halsey, the mullet also made a major comeback in 2020, and it’s here to stay. We love the tousled depth a set of curls adds to this classic cut.


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A post shared by Evan Joseph (@evanjosephcurls)

9. Buns and Baby Bangs

Above the eyebrow curls are a mood. Note to self: oiled baby bangs add an extra edge to every updo. Like this space-bun-baby-bangs combo, for example.


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A post shared by Alissa Ashley (@alissa.ashley)

10. Accessorized Fringe

Proof that curly bangs are truly versatile AF. Up, down, ultra-accessorized– curly bangs give new life to every classic look.

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