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10 Totally Unique Ways to Wear Pearls in Your Hair

Forget diamonds, pearls are a girl’s best friend. This demure jewel has adorned the necks, earlobes, wrists, and rings of socialites and celebrities for decades, providing an essence of royalty to wardrobes around the globe. This season, we’ve seen this timeless staple repurposed in the most interesting and eye-catching way: as a hair accessory. From pearl-laden clips to braided-in embellishments, here are 10 unique ways you can wear pearls in your hair. For a ‘do that’s even classier than you are.

1. Slick and Styled

Pearls can be classic, but they can also be edgy. This Alexander McQueen-inspired style encompasses both of those traditions. Peppered with pretty pearls, these sleek and sculpted strands are modern and timeless.

2. Pearly Pony

This pearly pony looks like a million bucks, but it only costs a few dollars to pull together. A simple low pony is instantly dressed up with a few expertly placed craft store stick-on pearls.

3. Beachy Embellishment

Channel the origins of this ocean-made jewel with an embellished set of textured waves. A smattering of pretty pearl pins adds an elegant touch to an undone ‘do. These gorgeous accessories will have you looking like deep sea royalty.

4. Bedazzled Braid

Take a chunky braid from casual to classy with an eye-catching set of pearl hairpins. Simply insert each pin an inch or two apart down the length of your mermaid braid. Opt for a pulled-out fishtail to really nail this beach goddess vibe.

5. Pearl Edges

There’s no need to go larger-than-life when you’re incorporating pearls in your hair. These rare gems are just as effective with a minimalist approach. Hairstylist Justine Marjan knows exactly how to work these teeny-tiny pearl adhesives to create an intricate look that’s both demure and high impact.

6. Pins in Braids

Tessa Thompson can pull off pretty much any hairstyle. Here, the actress adorns her gorgeous box braids with a few pearls, precisely positioning the accessories throughout a single side of her hair. These glitzy pieces give Tessa’s retro locks a totally glam revamp.

7. Headband

Of course, there’s no need to run off to the craft store or spend hours on pin placement. You can rock the pearl trend fuss-free with a chunky headband. Slick back those strands to give this stand-out accessory the attention it deserves.

8. Classic Barrette

You can’t go wrong with a timeless barrette. Another alternative to a more intricate pearl-laden look, a single sparkling barrette on a waved bob is the kind of beautiful that never gets old.

9. Top Knot

Take your top knot from daytime casual to nighttime chic with just a few pearly pieces. There’s no need to go all out with the embellishments for this lovely look. A few pearl garnishments at the base of the bun can amp up a basic style.

10. Wedding Adornment

Wedding bells ringing? Forget the flower crowns and opt for a pearl-heavy accessory this season. This gorgeous pearl set looks simply sensational wrapped into an expertly crafted chignon.

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