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Switch Out Your Shampoo For a Cleansing Conditioner

If your hair is super thick, you know the daily struggle that is “taming the mane.” Any one of your thousands of full strands can puff out at any moment, without warning. From a change in the weather (your hair knows it’s going to rain before the barometer drops) to a trip to the gym, the battle against the elements feels never-ending. But, before you decide enough is really enough and reach for the thinning shears, you have to try these cleansing conditioners—all formulated to calm even the coarsest locks. These cleansing conditioners are at the top of our awesomeness list because they are much gentler than shampoo and wash away impunities without stripping hair of any necessary oils (which means the difference between frizz and volume). Swipe right to figure out which is best for you…

Keep it sulfate-free! HERE are the scariest chemicals that might be hiding in your shampoo and conditioner.


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