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15 Times Lizzo Had the Best Hair on Instagram

All the rumors are true, Lizzo has some of the best hair on Instagram. We know she’s often touted for her musical talents, which are superior in every way, but we wanted to take a moment to appreciate her tresses. The “Truth Hurts” singer never shies away from being bold and daring with her hairdos, just like with her music. With the release of her new single “Rumors” featuring Cardi B out today, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite Lizzo looks of all time. Check out her 13 best hair moments below!

1. The High Pony

No one does this classic look like Lizzo. This perfect pony has the height, the bounce, and the ideal accessory.

2. Waves

This superstar has the voice of an angel and the wavy tresses of a mermaid. This ‘gram is giving us sexy ’70s swimsuit catalog vibes and we’re loving every second of it.

3. Pigtails

PSA: pigtails aren’t just for kids. Lizzo is single-handedly reviving this kindergarten staple with a single post.

4. Mega-Accessory

The accessory game is over everybody. Lizzo won with this awe-inspiring headpiece she wore to the 2019 BET Awards.

5. Updo

Not sure what’s more iconic here: the hair, the makeup, or that dress. This updo is the 2000s done right. In her own words, this is the “baddest bitch in whoville” look.

6. 1920s Glam

Fact: this mane is fire. Lizzo rocks a red like no other. And these glossy finger waves are convincing us that the classic 1920s style might be due for a comeback.

7. Bedhead

This shot has us wishing we could do bedhead like Lizzo. These long, voluminous, windswept locks could send the entire internet swooning.

8. Cropped, Curly, and Colorful

It’s not a Lizzo appreciation post without a shoutout to this iconic “Juice” ‘do. While her “Juice” music video is full of looks that slay, this is our favorite by far. That color, those coils. We’re jealous.

9. Sculptural Masterpiece

Lizzo is 100% that bitch. And this is 100% that look. Hairstylist Shelby Swain outdid herself for Lizzo’s show-stopping Essence cover.

10. Bangs

Cleopatra has nothing on these sleek and structured strands. This pop singer pulls off a blunt bang like no other.

11. Braids

It’s official. These gorgeous, bead-capped braids have convinced us: Lizzo’s locks are truly legendary.

12. Hair Art

Lizzo often uses her platform and voice to speak up on important issues. With this look, she used her mane. Genius, true genius.

13. Blue Braided Mullet

We’ve seen many celebs rock the mullet over the past few years, but no one does it quite like Lizzo. We are not worthy of her creativity at all.

14. Gold Bantu Knots

Lizzo can’t wear any Bantu knot style. She had to elevate it with some gold locks. This is what Johnny meant when he told Ponyboy to “stay gold” in The Outsiders, we’re sure of it.

15. Green With Envy

We truly are envious of how well Lizzo looks with slime green hair. There is no color she can’t pull off, is there?

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