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16 Looks That Define Billie Eilish’s Style Evolution

Billie Eilish has risen to fame in just a few short years, and like mega pop stars before her, keeps us guessing. A total style chameleon, Billie has evolved before our very eyes into a checks-no-boxes poster child. From her first red carpet to her scene-stealing Oscar’s outfit, we’re in awe of her level of style sophistication, and ability to sport just about any look. Seriously, there is no hairstyle she doesn’t look good in. Below, we rounded up some of our favorite Billie Eilish hairstyles! Did your fave make the list?

Silver Strands

Billie attends the launch of The Coco Club on November 10, 2017 with highly saturated, slightly overgrown silver strands that reveal a hint of lavender.

Billie Eilish silver hair

(via Getty)

Saturated Grey

Billie performs during Bonnaroo 2018 rocking the grayer, moodier take on her shocking silver in a half-up, half-down style.

Billie Eilish gray hair

(via Getty)

Midnight Blue

Just three short months later, Billie transitions to fall with a deep dark cerulean blue-green.

Billie Eilish dark blue hair

(via Getty)

Bright Teal

Over another two months (and however many washes) the darkness is all but washed out, leaving a bright teal in its place.

Billie Eilish bright teal hair

(via Getty)

Skater Princess

Rocking a beanie and long aqua locks, Billie is a skater girl meets anime princess.

Billie Eilish blue hair beanie

(via Getty)

Washed Out Cyan

The blue-green has a life of its own and has settled into a washed out shade of cyan that almost exactly matches the singer’s eye color by January 2019. Her hair has also been subtly layered and sits prettily on her shoulders.

Billie Eilish cyan hair color

(via Getty)

Space Buns

Billie appears on the Ellen Show in Spring 2019 with darker hair and pointy space buns.

Billie Eilish space buns

(via Getty)

Shiny Black

By summer 2019, Billie appeared in an edgier chop complete with long bangs. She matched the mood of the cut with her color, which was super reflective black with dark purple highlights.

Billie Eilish black hair

(via Getty)

Slime Sides

Just a month later, Billie performs in L.A. with her now signature neon green. It first debuted at the side of her hair before taking up full roots real estate.

Billie Eilish green side hair

(via Getty)

Balayaged Neon

Billie’s neon green hair is grown out and balayaged at the roots during an appearance at LACMA on November 2, 2019. The peekaboo color is complemented by an update on the mullet giving us major Joan Jett vibes.

Billie Eilish green balayage

(via Getty)

Day-Glow Roots

Now one color, Billie turns heads on the Oscar’s red carpet in the day-glow shade. We love her signature neon roots!

Billie Eilish neon green roots

(via Getty)

Chartreuse Crown

Neon has faded into a more subdued chartreuse, with a clear visor adding volume at the 2020 Brit Awards.

Billie Eilish chartreuse hair

(via Getty)

Shaggy Blonde

Billie ditched her signature neon green roots for a shaggy platinum blonde at the beginning of 2021, shocking literally everyone. Turns out, she had been hiding it for months too.

Billie Eilish shaggy blonde hairstyle

(via Getty)

Tousled Lob

At the 2021 MTV Music Awards, Billie sported a shorter chop. Yes, we definitely took this exact photo to our hairstylist for inspo.

Billie Eilish tousled lob hairstyle

(via Getty)

Blonde Bombshell

The next night, Billie showed up to the 2021 Met Gala looking like she stepped off the silver screen. A girl who does both, we love to see it.

Billie Eilish blonde bombshell

(via Getty)

Rich Brunette

Though she remained platinum blonde for most of 2021, Billie very recently switched up her hairstyle yet again. This time, she went for a rich brunette hue. So do blondes or brunettes have more fun, Billie?

Billie Eilish brown hair

(via Getty)

There are plenty more Billie Eilish hairstyles we’re obsessed with. Check out our favorite blue hairstyles on the singer HERE!

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