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12 Stunning Braided Bob Hairstyles Giving Us Life

We love bobs and we love braids—and the combination of the two, together, gives us all the feels. Like seriously, braided bob hairstyles are everything. We rounded up the cutest bobed and braided styles for every length on the ‘gram to give you all the visual reference needed to totally switch it up—whether for just a little while or by making this your new, no-fail look. All we know is that you should be rocking this iconic crazy, sexy, cool style.

1. Baby Pink Braids

You can feel the whorl of these baby pink braids done by Felipe Futi, and complemented by wavy edges.

2. X Factor

Braider Felipe Futi adds a white threaded X-pattern to a single strand of braid, really making the entire look pop.

3. Locked in Gold

Gold decals seal the deal, locking in this flawless braided bob style.

4. Protective Perfection

Celeb stylist Lacy Redway keeps Lupita N’yongo’s hair protected (and cool AF) in this side-parted look.

5. Snatched and Snapped

A twisted bob with gold links throughout is the path forward to a decorative, bomb natural hair journey.

6. Regal Detail

Braid chunks of hair in different directions to completely control how your mane falls—and for sure keep it out of your eyes like braider Hair By Susy. This may be one of our favorite short braided bob hairstyles.

7. Los Angles

Create angles through braids for a more dimensional look, like this fiery red look by Hair By Susy.

8. Thicc Braids

Thick, hyper-shaped braids scream editorial—fake yours by adding more braiding hair than you normally would courtesy of Hair By Susy.

9. Two-Strand Twist

Add accents to a two-strand twist and curl the bottoms for a cute, textured bob.

10. Tuck and Takeover

This gorgeous look by Braided By Tee makes us want to tuck our hair behind our ears, take on the world, and rock braided bobs 4L.

11. The Simple Life

This box braid bob style is as simple (and as stunning) as can be. Create a middle part and either a two (or three-strand) braid in sections from roots to end, until your entire head is covered.

12. Total Texturizer

Braids don’t have to be glassy or overdone—embrace your texture and bring the drama to an otherwise obvious look.

Keeping your braids looking their best after leaving the salon isn’t always easy. Follow the advice in THIS guide to achieve fresh-looking braids longer!

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