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15 Best Color Depositing Washes to Switch Up Hair Color Without Bleach

How do you color your hair without dyeing it? Don’t worry—this is not a haircare riddle. If don’t vibe with bleach or box dye and are in no mood for the salon, you can still switch up your hair color. That’s right—this is 2018 and we’re smack dab in the middle of a new era in hair tech. The proof? These color depositing washes. These products allow you to subtly change the shade you were born with (or any faded pigment) to something brighter, darker, rose goldier—and just all around better, without doing much of anything. Shampoo, condition and mask as you normally would and presto chango—your color won’t be the same as when you stepped in the shower. No spells necessary.

Want to wash it out? HERE is our definitive list of color products for the commitaphobic.

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