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15 Iconic ’90s Teen Movie Characters With the Best Hair

It’s almost fall, which means the beginning of back to school. Whether you’re currently enrolled or your days at a desk are a thing of the past, there’s a familiar feeling that resonates with all of us when we see those first leaves fall and a fresh red apple. It’s the combo of the excitement of a new start, the fun of seeing your friends everyday, plus approximately 6% dread (your crush also walks these halls, papers will be due)—or if you’re out, nostalgia for all of it. And if there’s anything that makes us feel like it’s really September, it’s our fave back to school mane muses. These girls may have moved on, but when we see them it’s almost like we can hear the sound of the first bell. If you’re looking for some day-one inspo, click right because these iconic looks will never go out of style.

Think this fringe is iconic? HERE are the best bang moments, ever.

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