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15 Puppies With the Most Enviable Haircuts and Colors

Nothing compares to puppies for putting a smile on our faces even during the most volatile of times. As an overall happiness booster, we’ve rounded up all the puppy-meets-hairspo you didn’t realize you needed. Scroll through the gallery below for some pups with seriously enviable coats!

Puppy Color Transformation

These pups are serving all the blonde, ginger, and mocha caramel inspo color we need to get through this ruff year.

Cinnamon Swirl

Whether you read this color as deep brown fading into cinnamon or vice versa, you can’t argue with the expert blend on this baby border collie.

The New Mullet

Hear us out. If Kristen Stewart, half the designers during fashion month, and this happy-go-lucky pup can make the refined mullet look fun AF so can you. If there’s a better case out there for party in the front (and the back) hair, styled in the wet look, hair, we don’t believe it.

Curly World

These ringlets are giving us major hair envy, especially in this trending shade of bronde.

Texture Changer

Bring out the volume and go fur a bigger (literal) mane, like this squish.


Create a bend in straight hair using a flatiron to get that easy, undone look that comes so naturally for our friend Nessa the Cavalier.

Jet Black

Let now be the time you bring out your locks (and all your features) by going jet black. The shade makes a big statement without being too over the top.


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Snow White

Or, go the opposite direction and channel your inner platinum snow queen.

Lady Lob

As if we needed another reason to love the lob.

Wind Swept

Ditch the dryer and let your hair catch the wind. Embrace your natural texture and switch it up with a deep side part.

The Higher the Pony

You don’t need a lot of hair to get the same effect of a perfect high pony. It looks cute at all lengths, even if you’re not a yorkie.

Strawberry Sunshine

If you’ve been debating strawberry blonde, this is for you.

Matted Layers

Day after hair looks great with layers. Mess it up on purpose and make pomade your hero product.


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Hats On

If all else fails, break out your cutest hat.

Beanie Baby

We recommend a good beanie for all occasions.

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