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19 Holiday Party Hairstyles From Pinterest That Wow

What’s a festive party without conversation-starting strands? A flop. Finding a mane masterpiece that asks for minimal effort can prove fussy, but that’s what Pinterest is for. Below, we rounded up 19 holiday party hairstyles that wow, and don’t take ages to whip up.

Epic Ponytail

A playful spin on the ponytail, this four-tiered ‘do by Matt Fugate requires a brush, a teasing comb, and some no-snag elastics.

Triple Side Braid

Show off your fiercest facial features and a fiery lip with a triple side braid that cascades down your neck.

Styled With Stars

Two bobby pins and makeshift hair accessories from your local craft store make a winning recipe for this fast crossed, starry style.

Multi-Style Updo

This multi-style updo requires half the time a traditional braided ponytail would. Use an elastic to secure, then tie a one-inch section of your own hair around the base of the pony to conceal it.

Wrap It Up

Substitute your plain Jane hair elastic with a fancy satin ribbon then spray with a shine hairspray for a fast, festive look.

Out of This World

Usually we reserve space buns and glitter for festivals, but the blunt bangs on this holiday mane make us reconsider.

Brigitte Bardot Vibes

Throw half your hair up, tease at the crown, then garnish those curls with a cute bow.

Halo Braid

Halo braids are dripping in holiday vibes. Follow our how to to create the classic look.

Double Bun Fun

Two buns and done. Add glitzy pins to this simple updo and stun.

Two-Toned Ponytail

Long hair is not a requirement for a wispy, two-toned ponytail. Use a scarf as a headband, leaving out face-framing strands, then add dimension with a temporary color hairspray.

Simple Low Bun

A low bun—does holiday hair get any easier? Hell to the no.

Red Carpet Braid

Copy red carpet goers via a low-slung plait. Click here for a step-by-step.

Knotty Bun

There’s no wrong way to make a wispy updo. It looks heavenly and no one will know you half-assed it.

Tight Braid

Brush your hair back into ponytail then hold it down with pomade. Start braiding down until you hit the nape of your neck, and you have the prettiest holiday party hair. Girls with cropped hair, don’t shy away from using clip-in extensions.

Half-Up Bouffant

The half-up bouffant is giving us French girl all the way. If you struggle with getting volume at the crown, read this.

Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail slays every time. Follow Chad Wood’s steps to the style.

Elegant Coiffure

If you can twist two one-inch sections of your hair to form a ponytail, then this gorg coiffure is yours.

Bold Accessories

Burnt mustard makes a holiday mane so much better. Wrap a deep-hue bow or scarf around your low ponytail for an instant holiday touch.

Twisted Ponytail

Add a hint of runway to your polished high ponytail. Get the vine-inspired look, here.

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