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2 Tricks for Festival Fierce Hair From Sunrise to Sunset

coachella, braids, festival, style, music, hippie, boho, beach waves,

Coachella is just about as clique heavy as the opening campus sequences of Mean Girls. You’ve got the fashionistas, the hippies, the ultra-hippies, the tribal chicks, etc who all have one thing in common…. looking flawless in 100+ degree weather. That said, we’re calling out manespiration dibs on all you bohemian glamazons.  With the help of #manemaster Brittany Gharring we took to beach waves and bling to show you some simple tricks for staying cool (and cute!) for Coachella.

You’ll start by taking 1″ sections and curling with a 1 1/4″ iron.  Once everything is curled spray with a dry texture spray for light hold and definition.  This look is a great way to start your music filled day and easily transitions to the next two looks.

See below what tricks Brittany shared…


coachella, braids, festival, style, music, hippie, boho

Simple and takes two seconds makes this THE PERFECT hairdo for a sun scorched day.  Just pick your favorite headpiece, set into place, tuck all loose hair into the elastic, and you’re set!


coachella, braids, festival, style, music, hippie, boho

If you’re looking to switch up your style from afternoon to night, this braided situation is the perfect transition.

1. Set your accessory into place.

2. Braid 2 braids and secure each with a hair elastic.

3. Wrap each braid in the opposite direction creating a half “halo” and secure with bobby pins.


For more #manespiration be sure to follow Brittany’s website Backtobeautyschool.com!



Model: Madelyn Hayes @maddy_hayes_3

Hair: Brittany Gharring @britbritbritbrit

Makeup: Justin Tyme @justintymeart

Wardrobe: Johnny Wujek @jwujek

Photography: Nate Hoffman @nhoffmanstudio

Video: Dave Lang @thedavelang

Retouching: Samantha Levi @samstownusa

2 minutes

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