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8 2000s-Inspired Wigs to Wear for an Instantly Recognizable Halloween Costume

While large house parties and themed bar events may be off the table this year, we’ll still be celebrating fall’s spookiest holiday in style.

But let’s face it: picking the perfect Halloween costume is a stressful endeavor. Whether you’re organizing a group get-up or flying solo, there’s one criterion every costume must meet—recognizability. There’s simply no fun in dressing up if no one knows who you are. When it comes to pulling together the ultimate Halloween ensemble, retro is the way to go. An iconic 2000s costume is sure to wow, whether you’re gathering for a small celebration or maintaining distance and partying over Zoom.

To help you master your early-aughts aesthetic, we rounded up eight 2000s-inspired wigs for you to rock below.

1. Hyde and EEK! Boutique Premium Wig in Auburn: $25

Have your Mean Girls moment this Halloween with this long auburn wig from Target. Lindsay Lohan dominated the silver screen back in the day. Now, you can dominate the costume scene with a simple red sweater, a pair of flare jeans, and these iconic auburn waves.

(via Target)

2. Uniwigs Platinum/Icy Blonde Long Synthetic Lace Front Wig: $119.89

Looking for options this spooky season? A long platinum wig should be your go-to. Nothing is more 2000s iconic than an ultra-bleached mane. Elle Woods, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton—all of your faves from back in the day rocked bold, bright, blonde locks. Halloween’s made easy with this platinum pick.

Uniwigs Blondie | Platinum/ Icy Blonde Long Synthetic Lace Front Wig


(via Uniwigs)

3. Loose Wave Blonde Wig with Bangs: $25.99

Shoulder-length strands with straight-across bangs… who does that remind you of? 2000s TV sweetheart Lizzy McGuire, that’s who! Add an accent braid or two, a graphic tee, and a classic choker necklace and you’ve basically nailed it.

(via Amazon)

4. Long Curly Costume Wig with Fringe: $24.99

It’s Britney, b*tch. Recreate the pop queen’s infamous denim-on-denim 2001 AMA’s look with this classic feathered wig. Bonus points if you’ve got a Justin Timberlake to pull off the ultimate couple’s costume.

(via Amazon)

5. Medium Bob Synthetic Curly Hair Wig: $63.36

Carrie Bradshaw is calling with this ultra-curly number. Nothing is more stylish than a Sex and the City costume. SJP’s recognizable ringlets make for the ideal 2000s Halloween look. 

(via Wigsbuy)

6. Curly Dark Brown Wig: $51.99

Feeling royal this spooky season? Time to break that old school uniform out of storage. Plaid skirts, button downs, glasses, and a wild brunette wig are all you need to become one of our favorite 2000s protagonists: Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries.

(via Amazon)

7. Taylor Heat Friendly Synthetic Wig: $38.75

Ladies leave your man at home this Halloween, we’re throwing it back to Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child days. While the music mogul has slayed some pretty killer hairstyles over the years, her 2000s blonde curls are one of our favorites.

(via Uptown Wigs)

8. Blonde Highlight Wavy Wig: $201.60

Chunky highlights were a 2000s vibe. Emulate JLo’s earth-shattering 2000 VMA look with a this retro wig, simple white tank, and a bandana to top it all off.

(via Premier Lace Wigs)

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