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WHAT TO BUY: Caring for the Hair Texture You’re Born With


01 . 13 . 16
Ashley Rubell
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Ashley Rubell

Ashley Rubell is a New York based hair stylist and contributing writer to Mane Addicts. Originally from Los Angeles, Ashley was trained at some of the best salons in Beverly Hills before making the move to NYC. She has assisted some of the leading names in our industry including Giannandrea, James Pecis, Eugene Souleiman, Guido Paulo and MA founder Jen Atkin. Her clients include Nike, Marie Claire, and Refinery 29. As a freelance hairstylist with a professional background in fashion PR and Marketing, Ashley loves the opportunity to learn about new products and brands, and share the unique stories of her peers, mentors, and clients that inspire her every day.When off set, she spends her time camping, traveling, and writing for mane addicts around the world.
Ashley Rubell
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Effortless Hair Texture Lob

We all dream of achieving the perfect hair texture. As a professional stylist, I see so many clients with their hair wet in its natural state only to learn they already have the perfect texture, they’re just not using it. It’s not as if we want what we don’t have; a lot of us want what we do have! When it comes to maintaining natural texture, all you need is an open mind and an open hand to work in some product. Trust us when we tell you that experimenting with these things now will keep your efforts even more low key once you find a new, natural rhythm. 


Oribe Curl by Definition Creme

This lightweight creme feels similar to a leave-in conditioner and will replace whatever mousse you’ve been using for too many years to admit. It has a crunch-free finish, leaving your curls soft, flexible, and in tact. 


Amike Haute Mess Texture Gel

Don’t be scared by the word gel. I definitely was. But there’s no need for that. This product dries fast with a soft yet textured finish. Think of it as a substitute to Dry Texture Spray for hair that is in au-naturel form. 


Sunnie Brook Signature Hair Towel

This smooth surfaced towel is extremely absorbent, making it easy to towel dry your hair without getting frizz from friction. Not only does it soften with use and gentle care, but it’s a multi-purpose tool—you can use it a number of different ways making it an investment worthwhile. 


Macadamia Professional Tame Your Curls Cream

Frizz is a frequent culprit of what keeps us from air drying our locks. A dime-size portion of this creme used at any point periodically throughout the day will keep your waves active, smooth, frizz-free and smelling like a tropical paradise. 


Hask Repairing Conditioner

If you prefer to shower at night and let your hair dry while you sleep (we’re a rare breed), try rinsing only about 85% of your conditioner and putting one or two three-strand braids in before bed. Lately, I refuse to use anything other than Hask’s Repairing Conditioner (and Shampoo). It gives me silky, healthy-looking hair and helps my natural waves air dry without getting frizzy.  

What products do you use to enhance the natural texture of your tresses? Tell us below!

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