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2017 Resolutions from the Pros


2016 is behind us like our ponytail and we’ll be toasting to another year of major manes to come. But before the final countdown, we had to satisfy our curiosity about one thing–the New Year’s resolutions directly from the pros who made our content so killer this year! Ahead, 12 celeb hairstylists talk 2017 goals to us. 



cassondra kaeding

“My New Years resolution is to continue to kick ass at the things I excel in for 2017. Also, I want to really put myself outside my comfort zone and learn and perfect techniques I may not use all the time! Learning is key!” @ckaedingcolor



harry josh

“I resolve to not give up my voice regardless of my popularity.” @harryjoshhair



jenny cho

“New year resolution:  Travel light. Traveling frequently for work means I have to have my work bag organized and have everything I need in one suitcase. Because you can never have enough, it’s so easy to get carried away.” @jennychohair



Scotty Cunha

“My New Years resolution is ALWAYS the same!! I really really really really want to learn French! It’s all I want to do! I want to be in Paris and order rosé in French.” @thescottycunha



cherin choi

“Stop over-washing your hair!” @mizzchoi



brittany gharring

“I am more interested in making teammates than competitors, learning from my colleagues than winning jobs. You can get so much further building each other up than putting yourself first. 2017 for me will be more about collaborations with other artists and creating madness together. There is more than one seat at the top.” @britgharring



Ryan Trygstad

“Remember to enjoy the people around you! Life is short, so be good to one another We are lucky in the job we have to get to be among some of the world’s most influential people. So just remembering to enjoy them.” @ryantrygstadhair



Sara Lim

“This year, I’m going to be realistic so I feel accomplished. My New Years resolution is to make my bed every morning and to have a full glass of water for every two cocktails.” @slim_color



sal salcedo

“This year my resolution will be to not let any person that sits on my chair leave without me acknowledging/reassuring something positive about them by the time they leave. My goal is to set up a chain reaction of kindness so that they may go on with their lives and do that for others and so on.” @salsalhair



sal salcedo

“My resolution is to always continue to empower the women I adore and admire and send out positive vibes always! As Maya Angelou said, ‘Be a rainbow in some else’s cloud.'” @auracolorist



allie webb

“The last seven years have been so beyond amazing and super busy! So for 2017, I am going to try to focus on my family – my boys are growing up so fast. One of the most rewarding things about Drybar has been seeing and hearing from so many women about how empowered they feel when they have a great blowout. I really want to build on that feeling and continue to empower women this coming year. My team and I already have some cool things brewing. Cheers to 2017!” @alliwebb




“Better time management. I want to plan ahead more often for work and for pleasure allowing myself to map out my plans in a proper timely manner.”—Bianca Hillier @biancacolour


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