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Stylists Share Their Predictions for the Biggest Hair Trends of 2021

A new year means new opportunities… for us to try out all the hottest 2021 hair trends!

Our tresses went through the ringer in 2020, mainly because they didn’t get the attention they deserved from our stylists. We had to keep all that maintenance in-house. Trust us, it didn’t end well.

No one knows how the new year will pan out, but we do have a pretty good guess as to what hair colors, haircuts, and more will be trending in 2021. Some of our favorite stylists shared their predictions for the biggest hair trends of 2021 with us. Now, we’re sharing them with you.

Keep scrolling to see the hairstyles everyone will be eager to try next year!

Warm Tones

Things are about to get a lot warmer in 2021… well, at least when it comes to hair colors. Balayage specialist and Lift Hair owner Kelly Massias notes we’ll be seeing more “gold, ginger, and strawberry tones” this next year.

Modernized ’90s Hair Colors

As we head into the future, we’ll be experiencing a blast from the past. The ’90s are back, back, back again, especially when it comes to hair.

“Modernized ’90s hair color will definitely be a hot trend for 2021,” hair educator and Rebel Femme founder Mirella Manelli shares. “We are seeing lots of high contrast highlighting, color blocking, and split dye. Color blocking has already made a comeback and you can find it both in high contrast and soft lines of demarcation. For example, a great way to soften high contrast would be with a color melt or back to back teasylights for that bold money piece, but still have a rooted effect. This is a great transition from some of the current trends and for clients who love to keep it low maintenance, but still have that edgy ’90s vibe.”

Glossy Hues

Hairstylist and creative director of Saks Hair & Beauty UK Luke Pluck Rose highlights how 2021 will be the year of expensive-looking hair.

“After coming through the trouble we have all been facing, I believe the trend is simple—make everything look expensive. Wether it’s an all-over color, it has to be high gloss, making your hair look healthy and shiny. Or, it’ll be a slight revamp on a balayage going back to more golden highlights and less root.”

Blunt Cuts

“Blunt cuts are where it is at,” Kelly exclaims. “This type of cut with soft texture look amazing for both long and short cuts.” So, blunt haircuts aren’t only for those who want to go short. Even those with longer strands can rock the hair trend.

Shorter Curtain Bangs

We’ll be seeing more curtain bangs in 2021. Luke believes they’ll be a bit less grown out than they are now.

“I believe people will be having them cut shorter for more of a full fringe/bangs, giving an authentic ’70s vibe,” he says.

All Sorts of Bangs

Curtain bangs will absolutely have their moment, but we’re going to see even more banging variations in 2021. Mirella notes we can expect “hard fringe, side swept bangs, and curtain bangs” to be everywhere. Will you try them yourself?

Asymmetrical Haircuts

Keeping the throwbacks coming, asymmetrical haircuts may very well have their time in the spotlight this upcoming year.

“Asymmetrical haircuts were a huge trend in the ’90s and we may just see this trend roll out of the shadows with disconnected undercuts and statement pieces on one side,” Mirella shares. “Think Posh Spice vibes with a short bob and long angled front sections.”

’70s-Inspired Haircuts

Going even further back into the past, ’70s-inspired haircuts are sure to take center stage in 2021. The shag was fairly popular this year and that popularity will only skyrocket.

Color specialist and Pulp Riot Hair educator Jessica Jewel suspects we’ll see a variety of “’70s-inspired feathered back fringe, curtain bangs, wavy mullets, baby mullets, and shag haircuts.”

Hand-Painted Buzzcuts

Celebrities like Halsey and Ruby Rose have already showed off their colorful buzzcuts on Instagram. Jessica is sure we’ll see plenty more “hand-painted buzzcut looks” all over social media in 2021.


Any new cut or color requires its own level of maintenance. Even hairstyles that are low-maintenance still require some upkeep. Given how unpredictable 2020 was, Jessica predicts there “will be more people diving into wearing wigs.”

It’s a great way to change up your look without having to do much of anything.

Claw Clips

The ’90s accessory started gaining attention towards the later half of 2020, and we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of it in 2021.

“Modern claw clips are super cute and easy to use, which makes them great for effortless looks,” Kelly mentions.


We’ll see plenty of suspected accessories grow in popularity, but one we find surprising is ribbons. Luke mentions we’ll be seeing more “ribbons used as bows on half-up half-down hairstyles” in 2021.

Statement Headbands

Mirella points out how headbands will be making the rounds this year, specifically statement headbands. They’re “a great way to accessorize an updo and add a little structure to your style.”

Oversized Accessories

Go big or go home with your hair accessories this upcoming year. It’s all about the “oversized scrunchies, scarves, and bows,” according to Jessica. Don’t be afraid of letting your accessories take up space in the world.

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