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Start 2021 Off Right With These 7 Totally Trending Tones

We think we speak for everyone when we say we’re glad to see 2020 go.

This past year was pretty much a dumpster fire. We need a fresh start…but we’ll settle for a fresh shade. There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with a hot new hue. But just what should you do to your ‘do in 2021? With salon closures still in place, beauty’s elite are leaning towards subtle, muted colors for the foreseeable future. High impact, yet low maintenance: that’s the vibe for post-NYE.

To find out just what tones will be trending come January 1st, we sat down with celebrity colorist and OLAPLEX ambassador Bianca Hillier. With high profile faces like Rocky Barnes among her clientele, Bianca knows a hell of a lot about cool girl color. Read on to find out what’s in for 2021!

1. Pops of Gold

‘Tis the season for some major brunette inspiration. And warmer notes are taking center stage. “Just because hair is warm does not mean brassy!” Hillier cautions, “there is a fine line.” With thermal styling and sun exposure on the DL these days, brilliant highlights are just the thing to warm up a winter aesthetic. “A glassy gold will reflect the most light giving a super healthy glow, whereas an ashy tone will fall flat and drab” Hillier suggests. These soft golden pops compliment practically every skin tone. “Having the contrast of the brown base next to the blonde [makes] for a more daring look” Hillier says. This expert colorist also suggests clarifying just how blonde these pops should be prior to the appointment, to avoid an accidentally platinum moment.



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2. Inky Black

Jet black hair is back! This tried and true shade is totally in for winter. “It’s a vibe, it’s a whole commitment” Hillier says. “Cool tone black gives off an eclectic feel, helping any artist get into the groove.” According to Hillier, the secret to nailing this look is actually all in the undertone. From subtle blues to pigmented purples, the perfect shade of black is multidimensional, radiating an amalgamation of colors when it catches the sun.



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3. Fantasy Blue

Pink hair is out. Blue tones are trending, according to our expert. “Any shade of blue is hard to accomplish if the hair isn’t previously lightened enough.” Hillier explains. “When the hair is a bit too yellow it will create a greener shade and a bad coloring fade.” So how do we combat this color conundrum? “Ask your Colorist to fill the hair for an underlying pigment.” Hillier recommends.



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4. Matte Brown

“This look is great for anyone who is on the fence about going blonde.” Hillier says. A lovely matte brunette is the first step towards a lighter shade. ideal for the winter-to-spring transition. “Make sure your colorist over lifts to avoid any unwanted brassy tones, and over-tones to get a dense lasting light brown” Hillier suggests.



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5. Natural Brunette with Subtle Dimension

This subtle shade is just the thing to spice up a natural brunette base. Some expertly integrated highlights can add the right amount of flirty fun to your strands in 2021. “Depending on skin tone you want to move in an ashy or warm direction.” Hillier explains. “Keep in mind anything on the warmer spectrum will reflect light and create more shine.” This kind of under-the-radar mane moment is great for those of us with color commitment issues!



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6. High Contrast Blonde on Black Hair

Take a page out of style icon Rocky Barnes’ hair handbook in 2021. A bright blonde stuns on a naturally dark base.”High contrast means a high lift and a bit of grit for the heavy silky hair.” Hillier explains. This lightness will emphasize where the layers fall, creating even more movement and dimension. “This look is low maintenance on highlights but will require toning in between sessions to ensure proper fluidity with such a dark base” Hillier says.



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7. Buttercream Baby Blonde

This one is for the blondes. “This is a great look for only those who have a natural blonde base, you simply cannot achieve this baby looking buttery, creamy type of color on anyone with a natural brunette base” Hillier explains. A naturally light canvas is a must when it comes to achieving this new year aesthetic. A buttercream blonde is also just the perfect post-covid color, because it’s easy to maintain. “This grows out nice and easily without much maintenance” Hillier says, “you can get away with highlights once or twice a year.”



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Pro Tip: Hair Health Above All Else

“For your color to look it’s best, first and foremost your hair has to be healthy” Hillier says. When it comes to switching up your shade, Hillier recommends using Olaplex treatments in between salon visits to keep your hair healthy and shiny. “They have a patented formula which allows for the color molecules to latch inside the hair bonds for an anti-fade like treatment” Hillier explains, “even if someone comes in that has breakage, I always also use this professional in-salon treatment on them even if they are not getting a chemical service.”  After all, self care is super in for 2021.

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