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23 Travel-Size Hair Products For All Your Summer Getaways


07 . 17 . 19
Emilie Branch

Emilie Branch

Writer at Mane Addicts
Emilie is a writer and editor based in New York. Though she writes about beauty, she has written for a variety of lifestyle and industry publications over the last ten (plus) years. Find out what color Emilie’s hair is now by following her on Instagram @emiliebranch.
Emilie Branch

It’s summer! And we love summer! While the beach and sun are probably at the top of most summer-lover lists, don’t sleep on these teeny tiny super cute travel products. Let’s indulge for a moment in the amazing greatness of travel products. Not only are they bite size and sooo qute, they are also a fraction of the price and take up way less space—they’re also the best way to try out a product you’re not 100% sold on. Here’s all the tiny haircare we’ll be packing in our not so tiny suitcase, because–guess what—they all fit.

Want to know more about how brands source their ingredients? HERE’s how they do it.


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