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HOW-TO: 1 Style, 2 Looks

We get it, it’s the first day of your actual vacation and you decided to sleep in. (…and by sleep in we mean it’s the afternoon and you completely forgot the most important thing needs done… your hair!) That’s why we decided to greet your waking arrival with a super quick hair how-to, to have your mane game as prettily packaged as the presents under the tree.

What you’ll need:

  • Sea Salt Spray
  • Tail Comb
  • Cloth Hair Elastics
  • Dry Texture Spray
  • Hair Cream

1.  Mist hair with sea salt spray for grit and texture.

2. Use a tail comb to create a super clean center part.

3. Pull the first section to the top of your head as if to make a ponytail and begin twisting the hair back.  Once hair is completely twisted, coil it down into a bun and secure with a hair tie; repeat on the other side.

While this hair is the perfect companion for the kitchen and styling could stop here, we understand that some of  you prefer glam over Whoville.  If that’s you, bare with us and complete the top 3 steps as this look is only temporary!

Here’s what to do next, to look like this.

4.  Being that your hair has been tied up all afternoon this creates a curl set; much like when you use hot rollers but way more natural!  Release the buns, comb your fingers at your roots, and shaking the curls out.

5. Flip your head over and spray a dry texture spray liberally throughout your hair; flip back over and repeat with the spray.

6.  At this point you should be resembling Lily Aldridge, but if you’re needing a some extra help, add a dab of hair cream to the palms of your hands and work into your ends for smoothing moisture.

7.  We want to see your holiday hair so complete this look by posting a photo on instagram and tagging #manemoment.  Something may spark our interest  a lead to a last minute giveaway… could it be you?


Product Recommendations 

Lea Journo Sel de Mer Salt Spray:  $28

Mason Pearson Tail Comb:  $26

Mane Message Hair Elastics:  $5

Oribe Dry Texture Spray: $42

Leonor Greyl Eclat Natural:  $46


2 minutes

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