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WATCH: Your 3-Day Guide to Nailing Cool Girl Festival Hair


If you’re about to be a desert-bound baddie and DGAF about anything except Coachella-vating your festival experience while looking selfie-fine, then you’ll need some no-fuss #manespiration for when you’re in Indio and don’t have access to a power outlet. Heat styling tools and complex ‘dos—obvi ain’t nobody got time for that. Hence the reason Sephora enlisted Mane Addicts Editorial Director, celebrity hairstylist and braid-boss behind the Kardashian Krew’s cornrows, Justine Marjan, to show short and long-haired honeys alike how to style their hair the day before they hit the road and all three days of Coachella. From messy S waves to half-up braid crown to mohawk buns and cornrows, these looks will take your dirty, sweaty strands from drab to fab—no effort required. Watch the video below to see Justine’s simple breakdown of cool girl festival hair in a flash.

Here’s how to prep your hair for Coachella.

2 minutes

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