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3 Incredible Hair Focused Charities That Are Giving Back the Holiday

It’s December and the holidays are approaching–giving is in the air and we love it! We’re always on the hunt to find the perfect gift for our friends and family, but what about our community? As much excitement as we get when scrounging through the mini travel size products before we check out at Sephora, why not get just as excited giving back to those in need?

Ahead, we’ve curated our list of charities that are giving more than just warm clothes and food this season.


Inspired by the stories of people providing free haircuts to the homeless, Stewart Roberts, a veteran hairdresser, wanted to do the same for his community. Haircuts are usually a low priority for the homeless, but feeling good shouldn’t be. Roberts believes that it is a basic right to feel good and he plans on giving that to people through the charity he created, Haircuts4Homeless. This charity brings together a community of hairdressers who, on their time off, volunteer their to provide free haircuts on their days off. 

Haircuts4Homeless image from website
via Haircuts4Homeless.com

Wigs for Kids

Founded by cosmetic therapist, Jeffrey Paul, this non-profit helps provide wigs for child cancer patients. Paul wanted to make special wigs that would withstand the active lifestyles of children without the worry of them coming off or looking fake. Having a daughter that was diagnosed with Leukemia, Paul made a promise that she would have hair. All of the wigs he makes are hand-tied with real hair which gives it a natural look.

via wigsforkids.org


Share-A-Haircut is a program that was started by Hair Cuttery, a salon chain born out of West Springfield, Virginia. With every haircut that is purchased, Hair Cuttery donates a free haircut certificate to those in need. With salons in the East Coast, New England, and the Midwest, Hair Cuttery is committed to giving back to its community and helping those less fortunate feel confident. 

Share-a-haircut logo from website
via haircuttery.com

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