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3 Pre-Coloring Tips Your Colorist Will Thank You for Following

While putting hair color in the hands of a professional is the safest bet for optimum results, colorists aren’t magicians. You need to do your part to be prepared for your appointment. So we’ve rounded up three pre-coloring tips to make sure your salon day runs as smooth as possible. Discover what you should do before your next hair color appointment below!

what to do before hair color appointment | Mane Addicts

1. Condition your hair the night before.

Using a deep conditioner before your hair color appointment ensures even porosity in the hair. This is the trait that makes sure hair color deposits evenly. It’s when we have dry patches, bleached ends, or old color that we can sometimes see varying results through different parts of our hair. Making sure we do our part to keep the hair as healthy as possible between appointments means our colorists (and wallet) won’t have to work as hard to achieve the colors we want to see.

2. Get trims regularly.

No matter how much you color your hair, if the ends aren’t healthy, the color won’t look good. Do yourself a favor and get a trim before your hair color appointment. This will ensure that you don’t end up cutting out hair you just got colored. Hairstylists are visual people, so having the cut you plan on keeping when you show up for your appointment gives your colorist a clear view of the canvas they have to work with.

3. Use color-enhancing products.

It’s surprising how many people are shocked to discover that their shampoo and conditioner are pulling out their color. Cheap shampoos are diluted with alcohols and sulfates, which oftentimes unnecessarily strip the hair of both color and moisture. Trust your colorist when they give you a shampoo and conditioner recommendation, as they want the best for you and (the longevity of) the work of art they just created. The cost of high-quality shampoos and conditioners is well worth it, especially when you compare how much less your maintenance effort will be. Also, bear in mind that higher quality haircare products are more concentrated, meaning fewer products for the same result.

Speaking of color-boosting products, THESE eight will keep your hair color vibrant well after leaving the salon!

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