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HOW TO: The TOP Top Knot

Best thing in the world?  A hairstyle that looks like you need an army of hairdressers, yet in reality is easy as pie!  That’s why we’ve come to you with the biggest, best, top of the line buns and 3 short steps to get you there.


Oribe Gold Lust Oil

Fine Tooth Comb

BLAX Hair Elastics

Evvo Builders Paradise Working Spray

French Hair Pins


Step 1: Prep hair by taking sections at the root and applying gold lust oil.  Comb through (roots only!) so it’s saturated enough that it has a “wet” glossy sheen.  This gives the control you need at the roots for the sleek structure.

Step 2:  Part hair into two sections: top section and bottom section.  For the top, comb hair into the highest ponytail possible (this will be the the center-point for the bun) and secure with a hair elastic.  For the bottom section, comb hair up to meet the top ponytail and secure it to the top ponytail with another hair elastic.

Step 3:  For this next part, we’re giving you two options. One for you ladies with naturally long, thick hair, and one for those needing a little boost.

  • Option 1: Spray Evvo Builders Paradise throughout the ponytail for flexible hold and wrap ponytail around the base; secure with french hair pins.
  • Option 2: Wrap your ponytail into a bun and secure with french hair pins.  Next reach for your nearest clip-in hair extension and clip into the base of the bun.  Spray  hairspray for hold, twist, and pin extension into place with french hair pins.



2 minutes

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