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4 Things You Need to Know About Curtain Bangs

A new toffee hue, a star-spangled barrette—these may be fall’s hottest accessories but have you heard of fall’s go-to fringe? Curtain bangs are the chic Brigitte Bardot-esque accessory every commitment-phobe needs. And here to answer all your questions about curtain bangs is Redken artist and Creative Director of Head Studio in Perth, Australia, Marie Cain. Keep reading for Cain’s tips on determining which face shapes work best with curtain bangs, their level of maintenance, styling tips, and more.

They can suit any face shape

Curtain bangs can be designed to suit any face shape and can be added to instantly create character. That’s what I love about them. Long, sweeping or textured bangs immediately refresh someone’s look without them having to commit to a full chop or add layers. It’s a fun, non-committal way to change up your style. Curtain bangs are a super-wearable style that I think work best on longer hair. We tend to see this look being rocked by the likes of Georgia Fowler and a fair few of the other Victoria’s Secret crew.

Curtain bangs can enhance your best features

Longer, sweeping bangs can narrow a broad face or help create more of a diamond shape. Shorter bangs that pinch in at the temples can contour and create more defined cheekbones. I think curtain bangs do suit all face shapes, though the trickier face to ‘frame’ with bangs would probably be a round face. This is because bangs can emphasize roundness.

They’re low maintenance

I score curtain bangs as low as a 1 out of 10 in terms of their level of maintenance. The already-textured cut and shape often grow out easier than a short, or blunt fringe – which rely on precision and length to keep their style intact.

While you can get away with leaving curtain-style bangs longer between trims (because of their effortless look), to keep them in shape I would still recommend a trim every 5-6 week. Bangs sit right there on your face so it makes sense to be particular and keep them looking perfect, no matter their length. If you’ve developed a good relationship with your stylist, they might even fit your 15 minute fringe trim in, free of charge. Important rule with fringe trims: always return to the stylist who cut your bangs the best. Don’t just go to anyone, because the style of a great cut can be hard to imitate.

They’re lazy girl-approved

Greasy bangs? No worries. A quick five-minute dip in the hand basin with shampoo. This will freshen them up and you can skip conditioner to save time. Blast your bangs dry with a brush using a wrap-dry technique- when you brush the fringe forward over your face then brush it from side to side as you dry, repeatedly in order to ‘confuse’ the hairline. The hair is directed to fall forwards and you’ll get the perfect, bouncy bangs every time.

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