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These 4 TikToks Are Bringing Old School Curlers Back

90s hair TikToks– we know you’ve seen them too.

Supermodel volume is making a major comeback (if it ever went away to begin with). And social media stars everywhere are taking a crack at this old school trend. Using old school methods, at that. That’s right: giant rollers are the secret to a big, beautiful, blow out. Don’t believe us? Watch and learn.

These 4 TikToks are making the case for old school curlers and 90s blowouts.

1. Blown Out Curls

Um hello to this BEAUTIFUL blowout! This TikTok is proof that medium sized rollers give a naturally wavy mane major 90s energy.

@audboosReply to @lexi_shryack my 90’s blowout tutorial using the dyson air wrap 💌 #dyson #dysonairwrap #blowout #hair #hairtutorial #90s #hairstyle♬ original sound – Favss Audios

2. Banging Curtain Bangs

The curtain bang trend is on point af. This fluffed up aesthetic is giving us Cindy Crawford energy.

@agatherenourequested hair tutorial! diy 90s hair blowout 🙂 #fyp #foryou #hair #hairtutorials

♬ backyard boy slowed and sad remix – LLusion

3. Dryer-less Curls

No need for a blowdryer when it comes to nailing this 90s look. This TikToker got the look completely heatless.

@_iheikensSo sorry for the terrible filming 😅 #90shair #fluffyhair #hairtutorials #curtainbangtutorial #90sstyle

♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

4. Super Big Rollers

Alert: super big rollers are the key to even better body. A few giant curlers are all you need to get that supermodel volume.


@charlottebrad5Pretty chuffed with how it turned out actually #fyp #foryoupage #90shair

♬ original sound – ★ Shanda Rogers★

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