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4 Ultra-Luxe Haircare Lines That Are Way Worth The Splurge

As the beauty industry (and hair care in particular) continues to grow, there seem to be more and more ‘luxury’ brands to choose from. Aside from the big names in professional care (ie. Aveda, Pureology, Kerastase etc.) many of the newer brands in the category are small, stylist-owned or foreign brands working to carve space for themselves in a crowded market. Want a little luxury in your life? Here are 4 hair care lines that we love – they are ultra-luxe and totally worth the splurge.


Susanne Kaufmann Organic Hair Beauty Luxury Spa

Susanne Kaufmann originally developed her powerful, results-oriented products for the spa in her family’s hotel, Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest in Austria. Today, however, her products are internationally renowned. Her hair care line in particular will turn your shower into an otherworldly spa experience but with the powerful results to match. Also, how chic is the packaging?

What to try: The Shampoo repair, or the hair Elixir (a favorite). 


Hair Luxury Beauty Brands Organic

Grown Alchemist is a fast-growing Australian organic brand that sources only the finest, most effective natural ingredients and packs their products with potent antioxidants, effectively marrying high end aesthetics and performance-driven formulas. Their hair care line, which focuses solely on shampoos, or ‘cleansers’ and conditioners, are gentle, nutrient-rich and an instant favorite.

What to try: Without a doubt, their Detox Shampoo and Conditioner duo.


Hair Aesop Luxury Modern Beauty

Aesop has become so popular and the line itself is so robust, people forget that they actually started with hair care! Developed in Australia at a hair salon, the brand focused on turning hair care into scent-driven, spa-like experience. Their packaging is simple and recognizable and their products are formulated using a combination of high-quality botanical and synthetic ingredients.

What to try:  The Classic Shampoo and Conditioner or the Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Masque.


David Mallett Haircare hair Beauty Luxury products

Created by veteran stylist David Mallet, the line consists of just four easy-to-use, perfume-free and colorant-free products.  We love that they use only the highest-quality active ingredients and that they are great for people with super sensitive hair/skin.

What to try: The Australian Salt Spray

Have a favorite luxury hair brand? Share with us below!


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