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4 Ways to Keep Your Edges Healthy

The only thing that should snatch your edges is the power of Beyoncé. Don’t allow breakage, dryness, and protective styling to destroy your hairline. Your edges are the most sensitive part of your hair, so they require extra special care. That means minding the way you braid, pull, and overall style your hair to make sure you aren’t applying too much tension to your edges. And it’s not just styling that can affect the health of your edges; you have to make sure you are deeply conditioning your hair on a consistent basis. Repairing damaged hairlines can be a long road, but once you overcome hair loss, you must focus on keeping your mane healthy. Read on to learn how to keep your edges healthy.

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Don’t Pull Too Tight

Sometimes braids, ponytails, and cornrows can stress out your edges, leading to breakage and hair loss. To prevent this from happening, be gentle with your hairstyles. If you’re at the salon for braids or twists, advise your stylist to leave your edges out of the style. You can always slick them down with edge control.

Offer Extra TLC

Pamper your edges with some tender loving care. You can prevent thinning and promote growth by stimulating your roots with nourishing oils like castor, coconut, peppermint, or olive. Daily massages with helpful emollients will keep your scalp hydrated and healthy. Also, beware of brushing or combing too often. It’s better to detangle and style your edges with your fingers.

Opt for Different Kinds of Extensions

If your hair loss is due to wearing weaves, opt for another kind of hair extension. Wigs may be the safest choice when it comes to protecting the entire head. Another good solution is crochet braids that leave your edges out.

Use Beneficial Edge Control

We love sleek baby hairs, but not every edge control is good for your strands. Be sure to use products that offer health benefits, so that you can style with purpose. Look for edge control and gels that contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseeds, and carrier oils.

Remember: Thinning edges can also be a result of health issues. In that case, it’s best to seek a specialist to assess your specific hair needs.

Even though you know how to keep edges healthy, they may still need extra care. HERE is how to treat damaged edges!

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