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4 Ways to Prevent Hair Aging, According to a Derm

While aging is inevitable, there are ways to embrace your health and life that make the process less painful.

Enter, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of PFRANKMD, and author of “The Pro-Aging Playbook”. In his book Dr. Frank outlines how to turn the anti-aging rhetoric upside down and instead embrace a pro-aging philosophy. This extends across the body, and you best believe we wanted to know how we could apply it to hair.

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PRP Therapy Process PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. The treatment can help strengthen hair follicles to produce thicker hair on the head with a longer growth rate. — Step 1 Your blood is drawn — typically from your arm — and put into a centrifuge (a machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities) Step 2 After about 10 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood separates into three layers – platelet-poor plasma – platelet-rich plasma – red blood cells Step 3 The platelet-rich plasma is drawn up into a syringe and then injected into areas of the scalp that need increased hair growth. PRP injections performed by @cdderm PA-C is a safe, effective and naturopathic way to thicken and grow hair. These painless treatments are performed at monthly intervals right here at PFRANKMD. Call us to make it happen! #prphairtherapy #hairgrowth #hairloss #prptreatment #pfrankmdsignaturetreatments ∙ PFRANKMD | The Most Cutting-Edge Technologies | Customized Signature Treatments | Only Licensed Healthcare Professionals ∙ WARNING: Injectable cosmetic agents, although safe and effective, do carry some health and cosmetic risks. They must be performed by experienced and licensed healthcare professionals, and only after thorough consultation of the various options and their relative risks.

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1. Invest in PRP

“You can’t really prevent genetic hair aging but you can treat it,” notes Dr. Frank. The first way he recommends is through PRP. “PRP is a treatment that is derived from the growth factors that are found naturally in one’s own blood.  When extracted, purified and injected into aging hair follicles it can thicken and increase density naturally.”

 2. Get a prescription

While there are a ton of products on the market that claim to be a cure-all for thinning hair, Dr. Frank reminds us that only Finasteride and Rogaine have been clinically proven to prevent and treat thinning hair. “There is nothing at home that can create new follicles for hair growth, but Minoxydyl, a prescription, can help to stimulate growth from present hair follicles.”

3. Recognize the signs

Hair aging, or thinning, usually occurs throughout the hair’s distribution. Dr. Frank explains that, “whereas a receding hairline is a genetically programmed complete loss of hair, usually in the frontal lateral portion of men’s hair, although it does happen to women as well. Women suffer from hair loss as often as men, they just thin differently.” Recognizing the signs of hair thinning early, can help you treat it more effectively.

“Thinning hair usually happens to some degree as we age to everyone, therefore a healthy full head of hair is always a youthful look,” explains Dr. Frank on the relationship between thick hair and our association with age.

4. Take care of your hair

Ultimately, hair does play a big role in self-confidence and can be an indicator of age, which is why caring for it can help you preserve it down the line. “Taking care of your hair for the overall look or thickness of it is a form of grooming that affects everyone and their sense of self. Fortunately, we have technologies to reinforce confidence for people that tend to age more than others hair-wise,” he summarizes.

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