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Straight To The Point


Wether it’s three inches, five inches, or just enough to keep the ends fresh, a collarbone length haircut (with no significant layers in sight) is the bold move you’ve been itching to try.  Yet, how do you back up your conflicting desires of “I want all one length hair, buuut I need the volume that cutting layers gives.”  Our haircut #takewithyou guide part 2 is here to help meld the two together.

What you want:  Blunt Collarbone Length Hair.

What not to say:  Start by saying no to back and forth statements.  You know, those sentences that contradict themselves with an “I want blunt ends with no layers” and the next exclaim “Wait, it’s too flat!! …I think I need layers!”.  This is not only confusing to you it’s ten times more confusing to the person cutting your hair.  Before you know it you’ll be left with nothing but a shaggy bob via Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s; hot, but not what you were going for.

What to say:  Start by pointing out the problems you encounter with your hair.  Too fine?  Too thick?  There’s a technique for that, and talking about it beforehand allows time for a start to finish plan of attack.  From there, ditch the word layering and use descriptions like “customized detailing”.  This implies your awareness that things need mildly tweaked opposed to a full hair overhaul.  As always bring photos you love for reference; we recommend Pinterest for easy on your phone #hairinspo.

Products this haircut will love.

Osmo Clay Wax:  A bit worked into the ends will give the perfect amount of separation.

GHD Flat Iron: For those days when you need a little extra straightening or a smidge more of a bend.


2 minutes

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