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A Heavy Situation


#Takewithyou guide part 3: Long hair don’t care… except, you actually do.  The tiresomeness of constant long locks can drag your style down, yet you’re not ready to make any major chop; sound familiar? This is the lament of every long haired girl that’s looking for change but too scared to commit.  Our advice, a little bit goes a long way and perfect accent bang will chicly do the trick.

What you want:  Long hair with a heavy blunt bang.

What not to say:  Ever had your bangs cut and they don’t cut enough?  You keep coaching them with sentences like “just a little more”… “juuust a little more,” until suddenly a little more ends up being way too late.  Never make it a guessing game, know from the start your goals and what your minimum and maximum is; details in the paragraph below.

What to say:  Like mentioned, it’s easy for a short bang to get even shorter in a matter of .2 seconds.  Keeping them at a safe length can simply be acquired through giving destination details.  Example, speak of thick heavy bangs that skim the eyelashes.  Simple right?  In voicing that you’re saying, “this is where you cut and please cut no further. ” Remember that everything about this cut makes a bold statement and over cutting will take away the character that makes this haircut so appealing.

Products this haircut will love: Davines Medium Hold Hair Spray: For Hold T3 Blowdryer and Ibiza Round Brush:  To put a bend in the bangs

2 minutes

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