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5 Incredibly Chic, Must See Hair Salons in Paris

Nothing says très chic like getting your hair done in the City of Light–after all, it is the home of the iconic French highlighting technique balayage. What better way to be effortless in that classic, French girl way then perfectly tousled strands with painted on streaks of natural colour, and where better to achieve the Parisian girl look than Paris. Whether you’re in need to doll up for fabulous French event or are in desperate need of a cut or color while stopping through, below are the top five salons you need to book an appointment at in Paris. Mane Addicts-approved!

David Mallett Salon: @davidmallett

Where high fashion meets hair–the David Mallett Salon nestled in the posh 2nd arrondissement is your go-to salon for sophisticated yet fashion forward styles. Known for his impeccably chic line of products, David Mallett’s philosophy is all about simplicity and, “to be practical, to show clients how to have beautiful hair even if I’m not next to them,” Mallett notes.

Christophe Robin: @christopherobinparis

Known for his eponymous line that sells everywhere from Space NK to Sephora–Parisian colorist Christophe Robin has quickly become a household name thanks to his range of clean, nontoxic hair products that deliver incredible results. Christophe’s A List roster of celebrities like Catherine Deneuve, Tilda Swinton and Kylie Minogue doesn’t hurt either. The magic all started over twenty years ago when he opened his first namesake salon in Paris and today, his gorgeous boutique located in the 2nd gives you all the Frenchie feels and beautiful hair to boot.

Address: 16, rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris

Christophe Robin Salon Paris

Myriam K Salon: @myriamkparis

Myriam K is one of the few French female-founded hair salons in the City of Light known for her cruelty-free line of haircare products that ships worldwide. Her super chic space is coated in white and has gorgeous natural light, and offers everything from blowouts and cuts to master extensions.

Address: 57 Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris

Myriam K Paris

Balmain Hair Salon: @balmainhairsalon

If there’s one word to describe the Balmain Hair Salon in Paris, it’s luxury. The aesthetic is simple: Versailles-inspired gold trim, heavy velvet curtains, beveled mirrors and rich crystal chandeliers. Basically, a dream setting to get a luxe cut and color hair and discover the amazing line of Balmain hair products.

Balmain hair salon

Frederic Ménetrier

If you’re looking for a salon that takes chic up to a whole new level, than you can’t miss out on Frederic Ménetrier’s impeccably chic, all white salon that gives any monochromatic moment a run for its money. Everything from the ceiling to the furniture is drenched in white, making the perfect backdrop for an Instagram shot even though the salon itself isn’t on the platform (though it should be!). The first word that comes to the mind when seeing L’Atelier Blanc is “peaceful” and Frederic notes, “Ten years ago, I had an atelier on the Canal Saint Martin. But that one was all black.”

Address: 13 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

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