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5 Best Milk-Infused Products For Textured Hair

Even if you’ve gone totally dairy-free, we’re here to tell you that milk can still be 100% beneficial to you and your textured locks.

Whether you’re looking to boost moisture, repair damage, or add shine, these milk-infused hair products are exactly what your curls need. Scroll through below for all the best ones to try ASAP.

1. Briogeo Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Bundle: $64.00

Before you completely balk at the pricethis bundle is worth every single penny. Infused with aloe and oat milk, these products will calm even the most unruly of manes. It’s an excellent option for anyone going natural after relaxing for a long period of time as it’s incredibly nourishing and is packed with Omega-3s. 

(via Briogeo)

2. Aunt Jackie’s Half & Half Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk: $19.28

Aunt Jackie’s products always earn a gold star in my book because they cater specifically to curls and coils. So naturally, their Silkening Hair Milk should be a step in every curly girl’s routine. It refreshes dry, thirsty hair with star ingredients like flaxseed, coconut milk, marshmallow root, avocado and more. Coconut oil may not work amazingly for your hair (depends on the person) but I can almost guarantee coconut milk will make those curls feel brand new.

(via Amazon)

3. Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk: $15.00

This light, creamy moisturizing milk with macadamia and vanilla features rice milk. It’s a great product to use if you’re not really keen on trying out the rice water trend on TikTok. It works to soften and replenish hydration in a big way and we would argue rice milk would have a similar effect as rice water—it may even help your hair grow.

(via Camille Rose)

4. Aveeno Farm-Fresh Oat Milk Leave-in Conditioner: $8.32

Aveeno’s farm-fresh oat milk blend earns the spot for best budget option. It’s the lightweight formula your curls need a few days past a wash. It works to repair damage and, as a bonus, completely color-safe. 

(via Walmart)


5. OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum: $8.99

OGX’s Nourishing Coconut Milk Serum is the anti-breakage savior your routine has been missing. It’s perfect for hair that’s damaged, brittle, coarse, or chemically damaged. Coconut milk and keratin help repair damaged roots and mend split ends. It also makes a fabulous heat protectant!

(via Ulta)


If you have finer hair, think about adding THESE oils to your routine, too.

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