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5 Decorative Bobby Pins and Where to Get Them

Inspired by our last post, we rounded up 5 of our favorite bobby pins and where to get them.  Scroll below and let us know if you have a favorite place to buy your own!

The First Date Package

These come in a variety of color combinations.  We love how sturdy they are in the hair.  Shop at Mane Message.

Model Bobby Set

These are just a little different than your typical bobby pin, slightly larger, much stronger, and come in sets of 8 so it is easy to experiment with decorative patterns.  Shop at ban.do.

Dainty Gold Leaf Set

Handmade from brass, these pins are perfect for a special occasion or to give as a gift.  Check out Etsy to buy.

Dabble Bobby Set

For the sophisticate in your life.  These are simple, chic, and can be used by themselves or together for work or play.  Shop at Anthropologie.

Make Your Own

Simply use your favorite colored nail polish to paint patterns and designs on your regular bobby pins.  Brit+Co published a great story about making bobby pin necklaces, but we like the idea of just placing these babies in our hair.


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