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5 Easy Steps to a Slimming Snatched High Ponytail

In our quest to master a sleek, snatched ponytail that doesn’t frizz up mid-fall scaries, we’ve paid magnifying-glass-close attention to the ways of the celebrity hairstylists behind the smooth styles of Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and more A-listers. After some screen-shotting and a lot of practice, we’ve nailed the snatched, ponytail recipe. Follow the five steps ahead for the sleekest, snatched, and not to mention slimming, ponytail of your dreams—no glam squad required.

Slimming Snatched Ponytail

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1. Lay a Smooth Foundation

The building blocks of any hairstyle make or break the final look. For a successfully snatched ponytail, you’ll want to start with a generous amount of leave-in conditioner or heat protectant on damp hair then flip hair over and blowdry until fully dry.

2. Choose the Right Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

For thin, thick, or curly hair types, use a GHD Platinum+ Styler. The iron’s heat is monitored 250 times per second across the plates and recognizes the thickness of your hair and speed at which you’re styling to adjust the heat accordingly.

Expect this part to take a little bit of time. Section hair neatly with clips then flat iron in small, one-inch sections. That way you’re getting the hair as flat and frizz-free as possible before snatching it tight.

3. Slick Back With Product

Apply a light to medium-hold gel to the roots, then smooth the hair back with a round brush. For this, we love the Ibiza Hair OC4 Brush or Harry Josh Pro Tools Oval Brush.

4. Don’t Use a Hair Tie

It’s no secret celebrity hairstylists prefer a hair string or bungee band over a typical hair tie. Why? Because it conforms to the amount of hair in your pony and allows for a perfect, snug fit over any thickness of hair.

5. Utilize a Toothbrush

The solution to all your staticky, frizzy flyaways is this gold toothbrush (or any similar toothbrush). Spray it with your favorite setting hairspray then run it over any flyaways, and bam your snatched ponytail is snatched to the hair gods. And if that’s not enough, call in the big guns and use a strong-hold gel like Moco de Gorilla Snot Gel.

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