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5 Expert-Approved Hair Humidity Hacks

When the weather reaches a certain temp and the humidity soars to catch up with it, there’s not much you can do to keep your hair in check.

Or is there? Tired of having too much moisture in the air puff out our perfect blow out or frizzify our ringlets, we consulted the pros. From using different products to adopting a no-fuss style (hello braids and ponies) here’s how some of the in the biz deal counteract humidity for a weather-defying, perfect in all seasons, mane.

1. Moisturize Hair to Repel Frizz

“When it is humid outside, if you are lacking moisture in your hair, the first thing you attract is moisture. If your hair is already moisturized, it won’t attract the moisture and the frizz. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil smooths the hair cuticle while providing a controlled anti-frizz effect. For better control and added moisture, I recommend applying a duel action leave-in conditioner and styler like Sebastian Professional Potion 9. Sebastian Professional Potion 9 will lock in moisture, enhance shine and increase manageability while hair is in its natural state.”

Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional International Artist 

2. Try a Hair Primer

“Prep hair with Monat Studio One Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer.  It’s a leave-in pre-styling treatment that helps control frizz, and defends against humidity, for long-lasting definition, shine, and smoothness. You can then style as usual.

If your hair is already styled or you need added humidity protection throughout the day use Monat Studio One Strong Flexi-Hold Hairspray.  It’s equipped with a nozzle for two spray types, light and heavy, the anti-humidity formula can prevent frizz for up to 72 hours! “

– Ryan Richman, Celeb Stylist

3. Work With Your Texture

“Try to work with your natural texture rather than against it, letting your hair airdry into your natural texture will reduce the disruption when humidity hits.  Using texture stylers will help you enhance your natural texture and add some control, I can’t live without my SeaSugar Salt-Free Beach Spray from ColorProof, the sugar helps give a beachy texture to my waves and provides a slight hold to keep my hair in place. Add a sexy summer twist to your natural texture with a few small braids throughout, it will give a more specific look to your texture and can help get hair off your face if you’re not used to wearing it natural.  Half-up braided styles are beautiful on textured hair because it shows off the shape of the curls underneath that tend to be curlier and less damaged from everyday styling and sun exposure.

If you are going to smooth it out straight you will need to take extra steps to “lock out the moisture” by using the correct smoothing products from wash through style. ControlCraze Styling Crème by ColorProof helps control your hair pattern and set the new straight style with liquid bamboo as you blow dry.  Be sure to get all of the moisture out of your hair and let the hair “set” by heating up the section with your blow dryer and letting it completely cool before releasing.  You can also use a small amount of the ControlCraze as a smoothing product after your style is complete to add more control.  Focus on the hair and part line where baby hairs are first and most noticeably affected by humidity.”

-Erica Conan, ColorProof Director of Education

4. Invest in Quality Tools

“There are so many factors in why someone may suffer from the effects of humidity, depending on the type of hair, humid environment, health of hair ends, and damage from overuse of heat tools. Healthy hair is a great base for frizz free hair no matter what environment or hair type you may have. Using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner as well as drying strands with a cotton fabric t-shirt avoids rough drying and breakage that can lead to access frizz when the humidity is especially dense. Also make sure you are investing in quality heat tools so as to protect and reduce damage when styling. I use and recommend BIO IONIC tools. Their proprietary complex styles hair with moisturizing heat that protects moisture, quickly seals the cuticle and speeds up the styling process which all help in reducing frizz.

High quality tools that help to protect and speedup the styling process means less time heat is on your and as a result less opportunity for damage. A few of my favorites for moisturizing heat are the Graphene MX Dryer and the 3-IN-ONE Styling Iron from Bio Ionic. Moisturizing Heat ensures strands stay smooth, hydrated, and frizz-free on the most humid days. For styles on humid days I would recommend using hair elastics that wont tug on strands and cause breakage. The Goody Oucless Forever Elastics and Ouchless Scrunchies are great for throwing hair in a braid or pony.”

-Nate Rosenkranz, Celebrity Hairstylist

5. Wash Less Frequently

“Keeping hair under control in humid weather is not an easy feat. If you’ve got fine hair, humidity can contribute to oiliness, stringiness and limpness. If you’ve got textured hair, humidity can amplify frizz, volume and flyaways. Either way, managing any hairstyle in humidity is both an art and a science. In both cases, handling humidity starts in the shower. Even if your hair needs volume, you want to use care products that infuse the hair with balanced moisture and finish your routine with a cold shot rinse to seal the cuticle down.

Next, you want to apply lightweight product for your hair type throughout damp hair, to maintain moisture and control. For volume, we would recommend a volumizing lotion or cream at the root and a lightweight serum or oil  or serum throughout the length to finish. For textured hair, we would recommend a leave-in conditioner followed by a smoothing lotion or cream throughout, and a layer of lightweight oil or serum to finish that can be re-applied as needed. In both cases, it is very important to ensure the hair is blow-dried to be COMPLETELY dry from scalp to ends, and that the hair is allowed to cool after utilizing any type of heat. This will allow the style to set and will keep that cuticle behaving over time.

Finally, washing less frequently will also help to encourage your body’s own natural oils to coat the cuticle for added control. Invest in a lightweight dry shampoo to spot-treat at the root on any areas that feel they could use some oil absorption. Remember – summer is a time for simple solutions that keep your hair looking fantastic but don’t take time away from enjoying life. Following the above tips can allow you to keep styling to a minimum while fighting off humidity like a pro.”

-Melanie Bolton, Hairstylist and Director of Education at Flow

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