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5 Flat-Iron Styles You Need to Try

Flat-irons are known for being convenient and user-friendly, so the more styles you learn to master with them, the better. Besides, there’s nothing better than being able to try a completely new style without purchasing a new tool or adding styling time to your morning.

Sleek, Slicked Back, Hair


Blow dry your hair back with a paddle brush, then use a flat iron on the ends and top to smooth and flatten. Finish by combing a light oil through the style and smoothing the ends with a finishing cream.


Waves, Texture


Straighten your ends, then use the flat iron to crimp small sections throughout. For a more natural look, start the waves near your cheekbones. Finish with a texturizing spray


Low Half Bun, Twist


After a blow dry, divide your hair into two sections, one on the top and one on the bottom. Straighten the bottom half, focusing on the ends and then run a finishing creme through that section with your fingers. For the top half, only straighten the hair near your crown/ears then, using a small dose of hair creme, pull your hair back into a twist. Secure with a spin pin.


High ponytail, Curls, Hair

When you curl your hair with a flat iron, it makes more natural looking curls. For this ponytail look, straighten your ends then flip your hair upside down and spray a light texturizing hairspray all over. Brush the hairspray through with a board bristle brush then curl from your cheekbones. Tie up and secure the elastic with a pic for added ponytail height.


Bombshell Blowout, Hair


If you can’t seem to master the art of the round brush, try a flat-iron blowout. Flip upside down and rough dry first. Then, using a fine tooth comb for better control, divide your hair into small sections and straighten them hair up towards the ceiling. After you straighten, hold the section up and spritz a small amount of flexible hold hairspray near the root. When you’re finished, round out the bottom and add a few errant curls. Just be careful not to add any sharp edged-kinks.

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