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5 French Girl Hairstyling Secrets From Paris’ Top Hairdresser

The French way always has that certain “something”–from effortless, off duty hair to Parisian street chic fashion, there’s something powerful about Parisians’ easy elegance. As the home of hair highlighting technique balayage, it’s no surprise France is also home to many hairdressers who are experts in LA French hair color and styling. David Mallet–who is commonly known as one of the best hair dressers in Paris–has a gorgeous salon, a vast 17th Century apartment which offers the perfect environment for exceptional consultation, and styling in the second arrondissement.


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French style is all about nonchalance, it’s all about pretending not to care which is really anything but the truth,” David Mallett tells Mane Addicts, “The biggest French secret of all is to not under do and not overdo your hair. Allow your hair to express itself, allow it to curl, allow it to remain soft and undone like you don’t give a damn.” Below, David Mallett shares his five tips to achieving that perfect French girl hair.

1. When in doubt, do a high pony

When you have a doubt about what to do a high ponytail is always the French response or a little braid around the head.

2. Never keep the hair too clean

Never keep the hair too clean and always allow the hair to be soft and undone.

3. Volumizing powder > dry shampoo

To revive volume in hair the David Mallett Volume Powder is the secret of French girls. Tip your head upside down and lightly spray your hair with the volume powder to revive it and to allow the hair to express itself styling lightly with your hands.

4. Don’t brush your hair in the AM

Do not brush your hair in the morning and use your fingers so it doesn’t separate the curls and makes the hair look less flyaway, add a touch of serum to the ends and instead of over washing the hair which leads to colour fading, wet the hair and use conditioner in the ends.

5. Opt for air dry

Allow the hair to air-dry the hair will express itself better and the colour will fade less and when traveling always use the David Mallett Fresh spray and use it throughout the hair to revitalise it. Even after a haircut and blow-dry in the salon, skip the blowout unless it’s necessary for the day. Our clients tie the hair into a low bun to have a moment nonchalant look is to tie the hair into a low bun and release later before going out in Paris.

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