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5 Hairstyles That Hide Your Roots

As much as we love our colorists, just getting to their chairs can sometimes be a colossal feat. Between work and summer travel, we’ve been known to let the time between appointments drag on more than needed. If you find yourself hiding under a hat more often than not, these five hairstyles will help save the day. We had a pro give us a rundown on the best hairstyles that hide roots. These are the hairdos to try when your color visit is long overdue!

Beachy Waves

Celebrity hairstylist Linet K suggests going the beachy wave route. “Big, beachy, textured waves take away the harsh line of roots and give the illusion of a root blend,” she says.

Loose Knot Braid

Linet also suggests a loose knot braid style to make sure your roots go unnoticed. Although you want to stay away from tight braids that will only accentuate your roots, a very loose style can also camouflage the color difference. Use products that will give your roots a textured lift before starting the braiding process. This will blend your hair and help the color difference be less harsh, aka less noticeable.

Voluminous Crown

The idea is to keep your roots as camouflaged as possible, and volume always helps you achieve that. Linet’s instructions for a voluminous crown include styling your roots with a lifting powder or spray. Work the product into hair and use a blow dryer (if needed) to create extra oomph. The result will be a voluminous crown around your hair that blends your roots.

Strategically-Placed Bun

You can also fake a salon visit with a very strategically-placed bun. You pull back the hair and secure the bun’s height to match your roots. This will create attention to the bun versus the color changes within your hair. You can also pull out hairs to frame the face. This will create a front canvas without drastic color changes.

Wavy Side Part

A sleek side part is a no-no in between salon visits. Nevertheless, a very volumized, wavy side part can be beneficial to your ailing roots. This is one of the hairstyles that hide roots. Use volumizing products directly at the root and blow dry hair to one side. After hair is sufficiently dry, flip hair around in the opposite direction. This should create extreme volume and a bit of an organized mess at the crown. If your hair becomes flat during an outing, you can re-energize the style by flipping it in the opposite direction once more.

Feeling like you might actually want to showcase your roots? HERE are six hairstyles to try if you’ve fully embraced your grown-out roots!

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