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5 Hot New Shampoo And Conditioner Duos That Your Mane Will Thank You For

Shampoo Conditioner Fall New

In such an over-saturated market, it can be hard to figure out what Shampoo/Conditioner will work best for you – it’s impossible to try every thing! We get it. Our suggestion? Test something new in the middle of a season (like now), when you already know how your hair’s acting. Do this and you’ll be able to decide much faster whether or not you like something. Here’s what hot/new out there right now. 

TRENDING: UnWash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner

Have you heard about Co-Washing yet? It’s gentle, cleansing method that uses conditioner only and rue co-washing believers – UnWash – are hoping to spread the trend with their Bio-Cleansing Conditioner. Replace your shampoo with this uniquely formulated conditioner and it will cleanse without stripping your hair of it’s natural oils, leaving it more vibrant, and more manageable.  

Pro Tip: If you’re not yet ready to go full conditioner, all the time, try this for every other wash to start.

ALL NATURAL: Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner from Yarok

Those of you that are friends of the environment will love Yarok’s Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Both smell amazing (think Sweet Orange, Rosemary and Vetiver) and work the way they say they will to give you enviable volume. What’s better – Yarok consciously sources all of it’s ingredients and donates a percentage of it’s profits to protect over 10 million acres of Amazonian Rainforest. 

FUN DESIGN: Amika’s Triple Rx Shampoo and Conditioner
If you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner duo that will give the back all the moisture your hair lost this summer and will look super cute and fun in your weekender back or shower caddy (for back to school) Amika is for you! Have you seen their fun, patterned bright-orange/pink bottles? Shop Here!
FOR COLOR: IGK Hair Instafamous Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner
Just colored your hair for back-to-school? Stock up on the new IGK Hair’s Instafamous Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. It brightens blonde, violet, pale pink, lavender, white, or gray tones and counters brassiness. We’re loving the product names too, like Instafamous, Sunday Funday, Jet Lag and Rich Kid.
FOR CURLS: Deva Curl Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight
For all you curly girls, cult favorite curl brand Deva Curl recently released Low-Poo and One Condition Delight, for ‘weightless’ waves. The shampoo is mild enough so it doesn’t affect the shape of your natural wave but still cleanses out any oil or residue and the conditioner moisturizes really well but doesn’t weigh your hair down at all.

Have you tried any of these yet? Comment below with your reviews!

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