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5 Hair Trends That Dominated the 2017 Met Gala

What better place to debut a new hairstyle than at the Met Gala? Between veils and sleek bobs, celebs went all out for the 2017 Met Gala, and we’ve rounded up the five major mane trends that caught our eye. Take a look, and be inspired! Because not all of these Met Gala 2017 hair trends require a black tie invite. 

Met Gala 2017 Hair Trends Lily Aldridge Selena Gomez(via Instagram)


This look is shaping up to be the haircut of the season! Shoulder-skimming, A-line haircuts reminiscent of the ’90s seemed to be the cut of choice at this years Met Gala. So popular, both Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez rocked the same distinctive cut to last night’s ball…


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What better way to up your mane game then with a little sparkle? Hair jewels made their way onto the Met Gala red carpet in a variety of ways–even on Cara Delevingne’s shaved head!


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Why stop at the shoulder-length when you can go all the way for a bob? That was the mantra for Kerry Washington and Lily Collins, who weren’t afraid to go super short to play up the theme.



Not exactly a hair trend…but close enough? We were digging all of the veil moments that spiced up even the most simple, slicked-back ‘dos.


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How’s this for texture? We’re swooning over the va-va-volume Rose Byrne and Zendaya delivered. 


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THESE are the best looks hands down from the 2017 Met Gala. Which trend is your fave? 

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