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5 Minty Masks to Repair Your Dry Winter Hair

‘Tis the season for soft sweaters, hot cocoa, and…stressed-out strands. The shift from fall to winter brings a bundle of new dry weather woes, from static frizziness to brittle breakage. Luckily there’s a seasonal solution to these cold weather problems: peppermint masks. These 5 festive minty masks will get you into the holiday spirit as they soothe your unmanageable mane.

1. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Lavender Mint Mask: $3

We’re stocking up on these single-use hair masks this holiday season. This French clay mineral mask is ultra-intensive, providing your strands with a burst of hydration to repair damage ASAP. With tea tree oil, lavender, and mint, this deep conditioner is calming and cooling, perfect for a winter night in.

mint mask
Via Ulta

2. Lush Roots Hair Treatment: $23

We’re a sucker for an all-natural product, and Lush always delivers. Roots is a deep conditioner specifically designed for fine hair. This balm targets the scalp to give dull, tired, tresses a breath of life. With peppermint oil and honey, Roots will have your hair looking and feeling healthier in just one use.

minty masks
via Lush

3. Mielle Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque: $10

Mielle’s rosemary mint mask is a multitasking masterpiece. This organic leave-in treatment soothes your scalp with cooling mint, while strengthening your strands with honey and coconut oil. This mask even includes a bit of biotin to promote hair growth!

minty masks
via Target

4. Hair Chemist Scalp Care Hair Mask: $9

This minty mask harnesses the power of peppermint oil to invigorate your scalp and strands, improving oiliness and repairing damage. Silicone free and safe for color-treated tresses, Hair Chemist’s scalp care mask is the once-a-week treatment your mane deserves.

minty masks
via Sally Beauty

5. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hair Creme: $7

Our Whole Foods favorite. All-organic brand Dr. Bronner is giving your lovely locks life with this intensive moisturizing balm. Peppermint works to rejuvenate your thirsty tresses while jojoba and other natural oils nourish and soften those strands. This leave-in treatment even doubles as a styling cream!

minty masks
via Thrive

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