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WHAT TO BUY: 5 Products That Will Enhance Your Curls


02 . 10 . 16
Kadia Blagrove

Kadia Blagrove

I’m a writer for all things lifestyle and culture. My stories are dedicated to women, laced with diversity, and are chock full of self-love. You can spot some of my work on The Huffington Post,, xoJane, and others. I like good wine, good food, and Beyonce. Check out my hair stories for all your natural hair tips, tricks, and needs!
Kadia Blagrove

With each hair type comes a handful of its own problems. In the case of the coils and curly, texture control is quite the dilemma. Frizz. Uneven textures. Limp curls. Too much volume. Too little volume. Luckily, the answer to most curl problems is definition. Defining our natural curl pattern defeats frizz, brings our texture together, and creates the best kind of volume. So what’s the secret to your best curls ever? Easy—water + curl styler! Given curl products are all the rage now,  it’s easy to get tangled in the endless web of options, which is why we selected five products that actually deserve a shot with your curls.  If you’re a curly girl looking to make her curls pop, scroll ahead now!


Kinky Curly Custard

Go on any natural hair blog and you will see this product heralded as the MVP of curl stylers. What makes it so popular is its all-natural ingredients (like agave nectar,chamomile, and aloe vera) and amazing ability to enhance your curl’s natural pattern. Curly girls across the spectrum of all curl types have given this gel a thumbs up.



SheaMoisture is basically the Beyonce of curl brands right now, so it’s no surprise that it made it to our list. This sweet-smelling curl enhancer is made from a special blend of nourishing silk protein, and hydrating coconut and neem oils. It is lightweight, anti-frizz, and helps restore moisture and shine to thick curls.


Miss Jessies Meringue

The Curly Meringue boasts “pogo stick dingy booing curls”  and take it from this curly-headed writer—that is absolutely FACT! This is really the crème de la crème (no pun intended…well, ok maybe it was intended.)  If your hair is prone to that crunchy feeling from gels, this is a great alternative. The creme offers a long-lasting medium hold and all-day moisture. I highly recommend this product for twist-outs.


Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly

If you’re looking for long-lasting definition, check this one out. We’re talking curl definition for days! This jelly smooths out frizz without making your hair stiff and is jam-packed with nourishing essentials like aloe vera, which helps promote growth, and pro-vitamin B5, which strengthens your strands.


Kimble Beauty Bounce Back

Celebrity hairstylist and guru Kim Kimble designed this curl cream specifically for thick, coarse, and denser hair. Just 1/5 of the line’s complete hair styling system, the curl cream is anti-frizz and will leave your locks feeling soft and hydrated. Check out how to get the most out of this cream by following Kimble’s two-step curl cocktail routine

Tell us what your fave curl styling product is!

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