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WHAT TO BUY: 5 Products Your Hair Needs For Surviving Winter

winter hair care

If you don’t know it by now, cold winter air sucks the moisture out of everything, and that includes your mane. Especially towards the end of the season, the dryness starts to wreak havoc on skin and strands alike. Thankfully, there are miracle workers when it comes to keeping your tresses frizz-free and moisturized. See which ones are worth your $$$.

1. Marula Intensive Repair Shampoo & Intensive Repair Conditioner

Products from the Marula Pure Beauty Oil brand are derived from pure, sustainable Marula oil which helps rebuild and revive dry, damaged hair by gently restoring moisture. The Intensive Repair Shampoo restores, and smooths to rebuild weak, damaged hair and improve manageability and the conditioner seals it all in.

2. Treatment Masque by OUAI Haircare 

As with every product from The OUAI line, the Treatment Masque was formulated to allow you to put have your best hair, every day. The restorative healing mask will leave your strands incredibly soft and smooth after just one treatment. It repairs damaged hair and increase resistance to future damage. Oh, and we love how the chic one time use packets fit in our carry-on.

3. Leonor Greyl Paris – ‘Condition Naturelle’ Heat Protective Styling Spray

Heat styling damage is always a concern of ours, but it is especially prevelant in winter time, when our hair is prone to breakage. Before brushing, or blow-drying, spray this leave-in conditioner and protective styling spray from Leonor Greyl Paris. It will detangle enough to allow you to comb through your hair without friction or snagging. 

4. Harry Josh Pro Tools – 2 Inch Round Brush 

This round brush from Harry Josh combines boar and nylon bristles to eliminate frizz while maximizing vibrancy and shine. The small size allows for maximum control when styling, which is great for fashion week inspired looks like the textured pony or the subtle side wave.

5. ALTERNA Haircare – Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist

After styling, finish with a spritz of this dry oil from Alterna Haircare. It won’t weigh your style down but it will boost shine, prevent frizz and work throughout the day to repair split ends and ward off further damage.  

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