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NEED TO KNOW: 5 Expert Reasons You Don’t Have the Hair You Want

5 expert reasons you dont have the hair you want - mane addicts

Rosé rainstorms, an endless supply of Manolo Blahniks, and an eternity of good hair days—only in our honey-blonde dreams can we have it all. IRL, we can’t have everything…but with a pinch of effort, what you can guarantee yourself is a badass hair day, every day (for real!). If you don’t have the hair you want, you better check yourself before you wreck your mane. We tapped five pros for the top five reasons why you don’t have your dream hair…yet.


“Because for some reason, we don’t feel like we deserve to treat ourselves,” says Mane Master Kylee Heath. “People moisturize their skin daily, but often don’t take the time to give their hair some extra love. We treat ourselves/hair before our wedding day, on our birthday, before a date—but why not maintain your highlights and dry ends on the regular if it makes you feel more beautiful?! If having pretty hair makes you feel most beautiful, let’s figure out how to love it always!” @kyleeheathhair


“The reason most people don’t have the hair they want is because they think it’s too expensive or they are lazy,” says Chad Wood, who styles Shay Mitchell‘s hair on the reg. “Not knowing there are some simple things that can change that. To have healthy hair, you can use coconut oil and wrap it up—it’s super cheap and it’ll make you hair shine.” @chadwoodhair


“Not having your dream hair generally is a result of unrealistic expectations—dream hair takes, time, money, patience, and a well qualified stylist/colorist. ” says Meche Salon colorist, extension guru, and Mane University educator Sarah Conner@oncolourground


“Most people don’t treat their hair with the same tenderness that they devote to their skin and body – their hair simply lacks LOVE!” –Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director. @laurentphilippon


“I think the main reason people don’t have the hair they want is because they don’t have time to style it or they want to wash and go. Five minutes and the perfect product can make the world of a difference! For example, if your hair is greasy, take five minutes to dry shampoo the roots before you throw it up in a cute high pony and don’t forget to wrap a piece of hair around the elastic,” explains Scotty Cunha, who will be teaching a Mane University class in Hawaii this summer!

Also, if you have bangs and they are crazy, take the extra five minutes to re-wet them with some water (my fave is rose water spray) and just blow dry them down with a blow dryer, pulling on them to straighten them—you don’t even need a brush! Or, if you have wavy, uncontrollable hair, use a leave-in conditioner and braid your hair into pigtails before you go to bed. Take them out in the morning and your hair will be tame and have a great wave!!!” @thescottycunha

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