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5 Romantic Natural Hairstyles Perfect for Valentine’s Day

The most major date night of the year is just around the corner. Why not romance your sweetie with a beautiful and alluring hairdo? Valentine’s Day is all about love, so sprinkle some of that passion onto your mane! Natural hair is super versatile, but still, it’s easy to get stumped on how to style our kinks and curls (because really, the style possibilities are endless). Not to fret, we’ve got you covered with five natural hairstyles for Valentine’s Day that’ll make any suitor swoon.

Side Puff

Nothing says playful like a side of curls. Complete the look with some heart-shaped accessories for the holiday and you’re good to go. Plus, this hairstyle is incredibly easy to recreate and allows you the freedom to put your own spin on it. No two side puffs will ever look the same.

Perm Rod Curls

Big, round, curly locks are sweet and simple for any kind of date. We also love how easy perm rods are to use to create a romantic natural hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.

Roll and Pin

If you’re looking for a sophisticated Valentine’s Day hairstyle for your natural hair, look no further than this classic ‘do. Though this style looks incredibly intricate, it’s relatively easy to recreate on your own tresses.

Parted Afro

A beautiful and easy-to-do look to go for this Valentine’s Day is a parted afro. This look works best on stretched-out hair.

Twisted Faux-Hawk

Your valentine won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you with this bold and gorgeous ‘do! But don’t limit rocking this style only on the holiday.

Need more Valentine’s Day hairstyle inspiration? Check out THESE styles from Pinterest we love!

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