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NEED TO KNOW: 5 Tips to Being the Best-Tressed at Coachella

Believe it or not, Coachella 2016 is right around the corner. If you have plans to join in on the festivities and have your eye on a festival-inspired hairstyle, now’s the time to start prepping your tresses.


Washing out Hair Color

Fight frizzy strands by treating your tresses to a keratin treatment, like the Keratin Rejuvenation at Andy LeCompte Salon in LA.


Healthy Long Hair Layers

Just like Mane University educator Priscilla Valles says, extensions are a fab way to add length and texture, and the best way to play with color sans commitment. Basically, extensions are key to achieving the festival hair of your dreams. Book an appointment with an extension specialist prior to any form of application to get an idea of which extensions are best for your hair type.


pigtail braids stella maxwell barbara palvin Stephane Lancien

Braids have always been the perfect festival hair style because they keep you cool, look chic, and stay-in place when you dance. To prep for this year’s festival, practice some unique braiding styles & opt for braid-in accessories.


Olivia Culpo Haircut with Jen Atkin

Achieving flawless hair that still looks effortless for 3 days straight days in the middle of the desert starts with an update in color and cut. Proper layering can cut out the need for extensive styling and by coloring a few weeks prior to the festival, you’ll give the dye a chance to settle in before lots of dry-heat and sun-exposure.


wet pool hair

Take the time now to drink water and stock up on hair health superfoods like blueberries and spinach. Moisture and shine come from within! If you’re looking for vitamins that support overall growth, and volume, try Viviscal hair supplements.

T minus one week until Coachella weekend 1!!!

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